MAGAZINE February 22nd, 2021

TAK.ORI Interview


The brand was founded seven years ago and came from a simple idea of knitting accessories. The first collection consisted only of very soft, voluminous hats and scarves after growing fast the collection has become real, including ready-to-wear in mixed wool and cashmere jacquard knit, which has become the DNA of the company. The founder Lana Tak.ori explains more in the following interview. 

What is fashion to you?

It’s a big part of my life, part of me. I consider fashion an art form as painting or cinema.

When and why did you start your brand?

I founded the brand 7 years ago, after 17 years of working in fashion. My experience has helped me I understand how the system works. I’ve achieved my childhood dream I used to make clothes for dolls, then for my mum and me. 

Where do you get your inspiration from when you create?

Visualization is important to me. Beautiful images make me dream: from travelling to museums, to a beautiful well dressed woman passing through the cinema. 

How would you describe the collection you are presenting at White Show Milano?

Many colours, designs, prints and lots of comfort! Also this collection reflects the brand’s DNA and character.

Do you have future projects?

I would like to launch a home and child collection, and even a sports line.  

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