MAGAZINE February 19th, 2021



Raffaello Bettini has represented since 1938 an all-Italian excellence in hat craftsmanship able to mix a traditional style with innovative elements inspired by the observation of the most current trends. Today, Pietro Papini led the company. In 2017 he relaunched the brand while respecting tradition. As he explained in the following interview

What is the fashion to you? 

It is the application of beauty to everyday life.

When and why did you start your brand? 

In 2017 I relaunched the brand to reclaim and emphasize our tradition.

Where do you take inspiration from when you create? 

I get inspired by observing social phenomena and trying to reinterpret them in the vein of tradition.

How would you describe the collection you will present at White Show Milano? 

Traditional but not conventional.

Future projects? 


I want to strengthen my presence in the national market.


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