MAGAZINE February 26th, 2021

MTOF Interview


MTOF wasn't conceived in the white room of a Milanese building or in the bedroom of a fashion design student. It comes from the programming, knitting and cutting department of a knitwear company, Today  MTOF is a brand more and more aware of its qualities and potential. In fact it is a different emerging brand as it has behind 40 years of history.

 What are the values behind the brand?

“MTOF  is indissolubly tied to the know-how of  the area and of the people it works with every day and hence to Made in Italy or, considering our position on the map, Made in Valeggio sul Mincio.  The collections are created among  state of the art machinery, our yarn warehouse and the historical archive of the  company: this influences the way we design. A mistake in the programming, thanks to the open-minded vision of our team, becomes the point of departure for a new detail, changing completely the classical concept of knitwear. Therefore the challenge becomes understanding the defect and and being able to replicate it. In knitwear the concept of marvel is a constant, nothing is defined, everything is ever changing, the most important thing is to welcome it and transform it into a strong point.”

Craftsmanship or Experimentation?

“The history of  MTOF shows us how, in order to create a modern product, these two concepts are indissoluble. Each day our challenge is to understand exactly know how in order to grasp its limits and through experimentation try alternative ways to overcome them. Hence the generational conflict that each day takes place within our lab is crucial: it represents the energy of MTOF.”

Where do you produce and what are the materials?

“MTOF's supply chain is 100% Italian, from the purchase of the raw materials such as wool and cashmere to the development of the samples and the production. For its items MTOF usis different fibres such as  cashmere, wool, viscose and technical yarns, all from renowned spinning factories.”

What are you showcasing at White?

This year we are presenting the  Fall Winter 2021 collection Identità alterate (Altered Identities). A collection inevitably tainted by current events. Events that, both as team of a brand and as individuals, have made us lose our balance destabilizing us and making us fragile. This moment of hardship has driven us to reflect more on the essence of things: everything around us seems more futile. Therefore the need to create a collection which is more functional  and easier to wear, natural but casual. We have fitted the items to ourselves, on the people who work with us, people with ordinary physicality. We have analyzed our wardrobes and our habits: this has enabled us to create a collection of items that are practical but at the same time sophisticated.                                             

Would you describe to us an item you are very proud of?

“Rather than an item, we are very proud of our project W-A-M-S which stands for “WHAT A MESSY SURPRISE!”A sustainable project born in 2019 during our  SS20 collection when we looked around and realized that we had the possibilities, technologies and competencies to recover the scrap yarn bound to be pulped. It was really important for us to start to do our share to protect the environment. Certainly one of our most iconic pieces in this project is our reversible jacquard crew-neck, featuring explosions of colour that are always different. Our goal is to make more and more  W-A-M-S projects in order to sensitize our clientèle, so that they can become more aware and prefer sustainable items. Therefore follow us on our platforms to discover shortly our new capsule collection WHAT A MESSY SURPRISE!


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