MAGAZINE February 19th, 2021

MIA BAG Interview


MIA BAG (Monica Bianco) The brand MIA BAG was born from Monica Bianco's love of fashion, and accessories, especially bags. Today, all the products of the brand are well recognizable and wink at the contemporary.

What is fashion for you?

It's a passion I inherited from my mom. She used to sew me custom-made dresses and suits. Fashion is feeling alive when I create. Fashion is expressing a state of mind of mine. Fashion is creating a trend and a style approved by the public. A moment that can be, more or less, lasting in time.

When and why did you start your brand?

The MIA BAG brand was born in June 2010 during Pitti Immagine Uomo, almost as a game by launching a single model of down bag presented in several color variations. I had chosen bags because I have always felt much powerful about creating accessories and specifically bags. I think any look is defined by how they are selected and matched.

Where inspires you when you create? 

My inspirations come from everything that intrigues me and catches my attention, whether it be art, furniture, street, but also from an ordinary cake or a gift box. Everything can be an inspiration for me to create a detail of a bag.

How would you describe the collection you are presenting at White Show Milano?

The collection will still be in the mood of supporting the environment with natural and recycled materials such as jute and loom rugs. We never forget the customization that distinguishes all MIA BAG collections.

Future projects?

In the future, new mono-brand boutiques and expansion of our e-commerce site. I want to launch bags and accessories for dogs, always under the banner of our customization.


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