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Kimonorain is a technical and waterproof garment inspired by the oversized volumes of the Japanese kimono but designed and produced entirely in Arezzo. A brand based on a single, unisex and one-piece product, born from the experience and creativity of Elisa Soldini and Lucia Padrini, that had already founded the Tuscan label of women's total look Tvscia in 2010. Created in a waterproof nylon version, Kimonorain is now enriched with new models, fabrics and colours for children as well, with the purpose of maintaining the original design, season after season, so as to become an increasingly authentic and recognisable product.  Unisex, versatile and waterproof outerwear: these have always been the main features of Kimonorain, the Tuscan brand born from the creativity of Elisa Soldini and Lucia Padrini with a single product that is enriched with new models and fabrics every season. Initially, the label only worked with water-resistant nylon, then natural or recycled fibres were introduced and the concept was transferred to children, to whom the conversation over practicality is perfectly suitable and the volumes are playful.

How did you get started?

"Kimonorain was born from the ashes of Tvscia, a very sophisticated total look collection. We were exhausted by this project that has taken away our souls and we felt the need to bring all that poetry into one usable garment. So, we took one of Tvscia's iconic pieces and reinterpreted it in a way that was easier to understand. We realised that the market is very hungry for new things, but it also needs to understand them. We wondered whether such an oversized garment would meet with a positive response and today we can say yes: young people like it, women of a certain age like it, and children like it too. They all tell us that they feel good in it and they find it super comfortable. It fits the body in an enveloping way, giving physical and mental well-being.  What we like most about this adventure is that we want to convey a garment to the market that is not predictable and transforms it into something commercial.

Where do you produce and where do the materials you use come from?

"It's part of our philosophy to stay in this area, the product is entirely made in Arezzo. The decision we took to come back to the city and make everything here, as well as having a positive effect on our management, had a good impact on the territory too".

What are you presenting at White?

"In addition to the ongoing collection, we have introduced new models and made the shapes more geometric, with coloured quilting and contrasting interiors (Kimonorain is always reversible). We have also worked on fabric and wool/cotton interpretations, which are water-resistant, and added a nylon version lined with teddy bear fabric". 

Do you also have e-commerce? 

"E-commerce is the most contemporary channel at the moment, we know that, but the fact that we don't have it, it’s of greater interest to our customers. Maybe we will have it then, but for now we are enjoying this moment of collaboration with the shops”. 

A childhood dream?


"To continue to work on the recognition of our designs by making Kimonorain a wardrobe classic”. 


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