MAGAZINE February 26th, 2021

GOOSE TECH Interview


GOOSETECH blends the excellence of Italian craftsmanship with the innovation of  the materials in a playful design. The result, launched  on the market a little more than a year ago,  is  an inimitable down jacket, which has already become iconic.

How and when was the brand born?

“Seven years ago, Angelo Luigi Meazza, an entrepreneur in the chemical field,  conceived a line of outerwear with a transparent shell and visible coloured down padding.  In order to have the material patented, a film of  non-electrostatic polyurethane, it took us 5 years of research and development. Then the product was born, which we launched last season and, pandemic aside, it has been quite successful.”

Which are your strong points?

“Surely the very cool design that young people like, the colour, the wearability and the fact that it is completely made in Italy  (more specifically, made in Lombardy). The down is all completely certified and the finish reveals great care. The collection is homogeneous, 8 models for women and 4 for men, all interchangeable and totally aesthetically consistent. This makes our product even more recognizable. We don't only make models in polyurethane but we also use materials such as  recycled nylon in solid colour or printed. We mix it to the polyurethane in order to obtain our distinctive glossy effect.

What are you showcasing at White this season?

The surprise element is our antidote to the period we are living. There are transparent polyurethane models, a long parka with violet down padding, or a short black bomber: we have played with combinations of materials:  polyurethane, nylon camouflage,  padded  Thermore. There is also a more performing part of the collection in solid colour and, as an accessory, a camouflage printed over backpack with multiple zips”.

How do you relate to the Net?

We have an elective affinity. Obviously our image combines perfectly digital culture and freshness.

Projects for the future?

“We would like some unexpected collaborations with lifestyle pop brands”.

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