MAGAZINE May 13th, 2021

CamiciaOnDemand, sustainable tailoring door-to-door

di Miriam De Nicolo


CamiciaOnDemand is an innovative start-up in the fashion-tech & lifestyle industry that has designed a platform to rent tailored shirts quickly, with a subscription that includes washing, ironing, and home delivery. Launched by Lventure Group, it concluded LUISS EnLabs, an acceleration program of Lventure Group, at the end of 2020. Today, corporates like Aon, PwC, Ranstad and Sky are using it. Its growth is in line with that of the related market segment, the clothing rental, which reached $1.3 billion in 2019 and is expected to exceed $2 billion by 2015, with an annual growth rate of almost 10%. 

"The strength of the start-up is its sustainable spirit" declared Alessandro Ghezzi, CEO of CamiciaOnDemand. CamiciaOnDemand is a solution that allows a cost reduction and goes in the direction of sustainability. Thanks to our service, it is possible to save up to €1,100 and 54 hours per year. Moreover, for every 20 clients using the service, the release of about 240 kg of Co2 into the environment is avoided. 

How was CamiciaOnDemand conceived? Which was the need? 

My partners and I wear a shirt every day and we know how difficult the management of this product is: buying it (once, I put three new shirts in the trunk and someone broke into my car and stole them), washing it, drying it, necessarily ironing it. These are all time-consuming and costly activities that consume a lot of energy. The need for a convenient solution pushed us to create "CamiciaOnDemand". Considering that nowadays both people and organizations have more and more the necessity to use goods rather than owning them, we thought about a model that would imply the all-inclusive rent of tailored shirts. 

Where are the shirts produced? 

The shirts are produced in a tailor's shop that guarantees us a real-time production for ready-made shirts (defined as shirts in standard size). Whereas for the custom-made shirts, there is a series of local tailor's shops that send a tailor at home to take the measures, and then he/she produces the shirts for the client. 

How can you subscribe? 

You can choose the type of subscription online and pay directly by credit card. At the same time, you can select the shirts with a configurator that allows you to change fit (slim or regular), typology of collars (Italian, French, bottom down), and, for the BUSINESS 20 version, fabric variants and different colors. 

Which are the subscription plans? 

SMART includes the choice among white and light blue shirts.  
BUSINESS includes the choice among 20 fabric variants and different colors.
LUXURY includes a door-to-door tailor for maximum personalization.

All subscriptions include the rental of 11 shirts for exclusive use and weekly services of washing, ironing, and home delivery. 

In which Italian regions is the supply higher? 

At the moment, we operate in Lombardy and the province of Rome. We started from these areas because we have a headquarter in Milan and another in Rome. However, we have realized that this service is also appreciated in the suburbs of the cities. During lockdown, considering that many people work from home, there has been less demand in the metropolitan areas (which remains active, though). When we get back to normal life, big cities will probably be the areas with a higher concentration of customers, with offices that will work as shipping hub of shirts. 

When will you expand your service abroad? 

Foreign countries are already in our plans. We have started a path with the students of the John Cabot University that has already presented us with an expansion project in France. We expect to begin to expand abroad by the first months of 2022, once we will have consolidated the Italian market. 

In which way is the business sustainable? 

There are at least three reasons that make us sustainable: 
1) The optimization of washing, ironing and home delivery. With a wash cycle, at least 20 customers' shirts are washed; in one hour, about 40 shirts are ironed; with a single shipment, around 10 customers' shirts are delivered. This streamlining allows a 90% reduction of Co2 emissions. 
2) The laundries that are members of our network must ensure the use of eco-sustainable products. 
3) At the end of the rental, the shirts are donated to humanitarian organizations or, if they are worn out, they are given to recyclable cotton stores for a logic of circular economy. 
We are starting collaborations with producers of GOTS fabrics (Global Organic Textile Standard) that will enable us to produce shirts that will be eco-sustainable even in their souls.



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