MAGAZINE February 19th, 2021

BIKINI MI.MA Interview


The beachwear brand Bikini of Sungal Srl aims to consolidate the domestic market and increase its international presence, which counts Europe among its active areas. 

Where is the company based and the production? 

The company is based in Crema, with its sales and marketing departments. Production takes place in Cerasolo di Coriano, in the province of Rimini. The products are distributed in Italy through a sales network of agents that allows a widespread positioning in every region. Bikini is active abroad in Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Germany, Slovenia, and Greece. 

What is your company philosophy? 

It is important to us to interpret the style of an energetic, independent, and sunny woman with garments that have a strong identity. We started with Bikini with swimwear, with a mono-seasonal product, while with Moki-b we launched a total look with a double seasonality. 

What kind of product offer do you have, and what are its strong points? 

Bikini focuses on the excellent wearability, a wide color palette, the sale of single garments with the possibility of opting for a mix & match that leaves freedom to the consumer. The soul is boho-chic with country and Ibiza-inspired interferences. 

What are the pillars on which you want to invest for growth?

There are four B-Shop-owned stores in Italy, in Crema Cremona, Milano Marittima, and Lodi. In all stores are present both labels as well as a careful selection of research brands. 

What projects and initiatives will you focus on in the future to face this historic moment? 


For the 2021 season, the objective is to consolidate the domestic market, which has in any case been affected by the current health situation, and at the same time increase export quotas. We would like to look for collaborations that will allow us to open up to new markets with the possibility of creating specifically dedicated collections.

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