MAGAZINE February 19th, 2021



Barracuda, Marchigiano footwear company of the group Fabi, is expanding its market in Italy and Europe and increasing its sales, also thanks to the launch of the new e-commerce website and the new showroom in the heart of Milan. 

Where is the company and production based? 

We produce our shoes in the headquarters of the group Fabi in Monte San Giusto, in the province of Macerata in the Marche region. 

What is your brand philosophy? 

The history of our brand dates back to the origins of the Marche footwear culture. We have always wanted to express the concept of timeless fashion, through our iconic pieces with the highest quality, which is the basis of our company’s philosophy. 

What kind of product do you offer and what are its strengths? 

For some seasons now, we have been revisiting the concept of a traditional collection, still focusing on high quality products. 

What are the foundations on which you want to invest in to grow? 

We are investing in research, development and a renewed sales force, in Italy and Europe, to seize all opportunities that the market has to offer today and in the immediate future. We are in a phase of great change, for which we need exciting ideas, versatility, substance, targeted investments and quality people. 

What projects and initiatives will you focus on in the future to face this historic moment? 

We are working extensively on social media, communicating the brand’s new lifecycle and our lifestyle concept by mixing the channels. From March 2021 the brand will have an e-commerce presence, with price policies similar to the one’s of shops. We are also available in our new showroom in 21 Via Sant'Andrea in Milan. 

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