MAGAZINE March 1st, 2021

ALPO Interview


Alpo, is a company from Como specialized in gloves production. The goal is to reach foreign Countries other than Japan. Currently working sustainable fabrics research and working with e-commerce platforms. 

Alpo puts the stress on green and abroad

Alpo, a company from Como, specialized in the production of gloves would like to expand to other markets, besides Japan. Their assets are the research on eco-sustainable fabrics and the collaboration with e-commerce platforms.

Where is your company and production based?

Our offices and showroom are in the centre of Milan, in via Bandello, while we have been producing for over 30 in Inverigo, in the province of Como.

What is your corporate philosophy?

We believe in the importance of producing in Italy a highly handcrafted item, following our family tradition, which is more than 100 year old. We also look out for any proposal that can innovate our product making it more on the cutting edge.

What type of products do you offer and what are your strong points?

Our product are gloves, which we make in all length and different styles. We use a vast range of leather, such as nappa, deer, mutton, and of yarn and fabric. In recent years we have introduced innovative yarn and materials, we use only faux fur and we are always looking for eco-sustainable fabrics. Beside gloves, to complete our collection, we have introduced scarfs, hats and socks.

On what pillars do you want to invest in order to grow?

Although we keep producing for some brands that have been our clients for many years, we want to invest more on our own brand, not only in Italy and in Japan where we already have our market share, but also in other countries where we don't yet. Fortunately Alpo gets great inspiration from the collaboration with the most important Italian and international fashion designers, with whom we try to turn gloves into a more important accessory completing fashion collections.

On which projects and initiatives will you bet in the future in order to deal with this historical moment?

Unfortunately we are experiencing a really difficult moment for which we weren't prepared, on the other hand we must try to be strong and find the energies to react and reach new solutions. I am sure that especially in this tough historical moment one can seize innovative opportunities and strategies, which we never thought could be so fruitful. For instance, in the last year, we have been collaborating with the digital platform  Barròco, which supports talented artisans and the owners of Italian small firms, helping them to gain visibility and recognition. Furthermore we are participating in the initiatives of Italian and international fairs in order to be part of their network.





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