New Craftsmanship February 22nd, 2021

CO.RO JEWELS Interview


How did you meet and when did your project start?

We have been friends since high school, we still remember the first day of school when we met, it was love at first sight! We found eachother and never let go, growing and maturing together. The project started in those years, it was not yet defined, we did not know what we would do but we were sure that we would do it together.
At university, we studied architecture together, where we consolidated our plan to create jewellery inspired by our biggest passion and in 2012 the brand was born. 

What is Jewels’ identity, what inspires you?

Our passion for architecture is our main source of inspiration and our jewellery is often dedicated to both specific places and to abstractions, sculptural visions that come from a reflection on space and on emptiness that becomes matter.

Where and how do you make your jewellery? 

We make everything in Italy, mostly in Rome in the district where the boutique is, between Piazza Navona and the Pantheon, which is historically the artisan district. The technique we prefer is that of lost wax casting, we create our prototypes both by hand and using new technologies of 3D modelling. The most interesting creations come from the combination of these two languages, one more material and one more rigorous.

Is there a piece of jewellery you are particularly attached to and if so, why?

Our Gasometro bracelet is one of our first creations and is still the most iconic piece of the brand. The idea of transforming an industrial structure, like a heavy functional iron building into an extremely light and delicate object was a winning one. That’s why we continue to work a great deal on the oxymoron between reality and its representation.

What are you presenting for this edition of White?

Our new collection "Golden Gothic" dedicated to a city holding a special place in our hearts: Venice with its echoes and secrets, with its history carved in stone.
We have tried to bring out through the main architectural elements of the city that sense of suspended time, the eternal wandering of history between the walls of the buildings, between the bridges and the canals. Venice is like a theatre stage. 



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