Retropose is a brand whose fundamental values are the uniqueness, craftsmanship and sophisticated its fundamental values. Born in 2012 by the duo Federica Cremisini and Giulia Mitarotonda, Retropose has grown over the years, consolidating over the years, consolidating at an international level. Since 2020 the creative soul of the brand has been Federica Cremisini: born in 1986, Roman, immersed since she was a child in the great beauty that only the capital can offer only the capital can offer, she put her passions into practice by studying at the city's Accademia Costume andFashion in the city, learning the techniques and knowledge at the basis of her personal vision, refining her own sense of aesthetics her personal vision, refining her aesthetic sense and shaping an idea of fashion as a continuous research. As well as being the artistic director of the brand, Federica is also the designer and craftswoman who carries the Federica is also the designer and craftswoman who carries out the project, giving shape and colour to her bags contemporary lines and a unique, well-defined identity. Retropose's production is characterised by the "Vertebrate" knotwork, the manual interweaving of every single strip of leather that gives the bags, entirely handmade, both a gritty handmade bags with both a bold character and the romantic and contemporary allure of an unconventional look. The Retropose proposals are created in a micro artisan district by the skilful ability of Federica and her craftswomen, for a result that is authentically Made in Italy or, rather, "Made in Rome".


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