Alberto Zambelli was founded in 2013 as a brand of haute prêt-à-porter and develops his first capsule collection in s/s 2014. His collections are designed for an extremely elegant and sophisticated woman who loves to play with shapes and new materials, often created by Alberto in collaboration with Italian weavers who love to experiment. His collections are the result of a personal research about world and contemporaneity, reflections of stories and special paths that bring Alberto to create new, complex and wonderful universes at every season. Driven to the creation of a collection entirely made in Italy, it combines the care of precious details to lines and minimal shapes, resulting in an innovative union with essential elegance.

Alessandra Giannetti graduates in Rome, then moves to London and Tokyo where she develops her unique style, combining traditional and metropolitan contemporary culture. In 2001, joint with Architect and Photographer Fabio Gasparri, launched ALESSANDRA GIANNETTI, a brand which throws in together fashion and art, locating his flagship-store in the very historical centre of Rome. Alessandra Giannetti's style captures the intangible atmosphere of contemporary sensibility. Her garments fit a woman that eludes all definitions, morphing into different shapes and mixing an essential design with the classic elegance of italian fabric. The geometrics of the cuts define original volumes and shapes which can be either precise and sculptural or soft and enveloping.

AMEN interprets the new idea of contemporary, accessible and sophisticated luxury. A winning combination of craftsmanship, exclusive details and pure creativity to make each piece unique and timeless. Jewelery embroidery, tailor made fabrics and a constant stylistic research, combined with each other in the mix of success that is the signature of each AMEN dress, creating a refined game between opposites, which actually balance tradition and innovation. Interpreting an idea of beauty and elegance that goes beyond the single trend, AMEN speaks to a sophisticated and strong woman, eccentric, but ultra feminine, sensual but never vulgar. A woman who loves being the centre of attention. And she always does it with style.




A pioneer in cashmere evolution, Mirko, who established the brand through the application of his creative instinct to the medium of yarns and knits, excels in technical experimentation and above all in the absolute innovation of coloring, revolutionizing the world of piece dying. The values of the Avant Toi universe are expressed through the constant exploration of the unknown and the unexpected, perpetually distancing itself from the conventional rules of knitwear manufacturing in order to endow each piece with a sophisticated, one of a kind aspect and an avant- garde spirit. Breaking the rules in regards to stylistic and aesthetic standards is at the core of Avant Toi's philosophy. A bridge between the classic concept of refinement and the charm of what is old and worn, in complete opposition to the customary conventions of the cashmere world.

It’s an invitation, an attitude, a way of being and dressing, of moving through the world. BePositive is the footwear brand “officially” born in 1995 that was the first to revolutionise the concept of sneakers thanks to the highly innovative thinking of its creator Ubaldo Malvestiti of Emudesign. Over time BePositive‘s creativity has supported the world of the most exclusive brands by collaborating in partnerships with Comme des Garçons, Stussy Deluxe, Uniform Experiment and many others, maintaining its unique identity. BePositive can boast that not only is innovation written into its DNA, but so is a level of detail in its designs that has seen it welcomed in the stores that really matter in the world as Barneys (Tokyo and NY), Dover Street Market (London and Tokyo), Harvey Nichols, Excelsior, Flow Run (Florence) and Lazzari (Treviso).

BLUi, a leader in the production of fabrics for high fashion, was founded in 2000 from the passion of the two directors, who, thanks to their tireless creativity and desire to always create new products refined and original, they have allowed the strong growth of the company brand. The strength of the company is the use of innovative techniques and materials, in the manufacture of yarns, dyes, prints and handmade applications that makes unique and distinguishes each piece. The brand soon became an important example of production 100% MADE IN ITALY, warranty request and appreciated all over the world. The original collections transform a simple accessory in an indispensable garment for every season; for men and women with a deep spirit of fashion, practicality and sensuality.




To follow Nature is to get to know the potential of every surface – to attune oneself so fully to its every contour that the final cut in vivo is flowing and flawless. The creation process is like an attentive and skillful feat of dressage. The hands of the craftsman create not only a masterly object, but a piece imbued with a life and soul of its own – tranquil, soft, relaxed and flexible, no mere accessory. The sole commandment is the pursuit of excellence, the Optimum. The raw materials of beauty and ambition await the guiding hand of the sculptor, the loving caress, the final act of courage, the final coup de grace. The style has its own unique rhythm – unexpected, startling, original. To sustain this identity, our greatest strength, we constantly strive to create new classics and offer a new vision of the future at every turn. Memory means Movement.

AMCARDILLO_design is an Italian brand born in 2013 by the will of the Anna Maria Cardillo architect. Her creations are part of the type already existing category of “contemporary jewelery”, with a strong character through the use of simple shapes and lines, often with a clear reference to elementary geometry. Her creations are the result of careful research, which denotes the right balance between color, material and size and the combination of volumes and forms, without losing sight of the requirement of wearability, features in this creative process. The research and use of alternative and different materials from those commonly used in the making of jewelry, they’re the characterizes his creations handmade at the expense of quantity, stressing the importance of craftsmanship, the unique and “never the same ”.

Collection Bridge by Roberto Cavalli, this brand is designed for those customers who appreciate and share the features of the main brand wearing a softer version of it. The iconic elements of Roberto Cavalli’s style are translated into Cavalli Class collections in a more suitable version for daily life. Reptil printed leathers, metal jewels made to look like snakes and feline bodies and animal printings are the most representative features of the collection.




Cesare was born in 1962 by Quinto and Flora Casadei, two artisans who in 1958 founded the Calzaturificio Casadei, near Rimini. At the beginning they produced sandals for tourists and then they entered the national and international market. For Cesare there are no boundaries: the house, the factory, the leather warehouse has no walls, everything flows smoothly between prototypes, production and skilled craftsmen. Today, he works closely with a consolidated style team, counting on a productive system that is a jewel of engineering and creativity as well as only Made in Italy can guarantee.

Collection PRIVÉE? was founded in 1988 by the owners of the company ROBIZ S.r.l. – as shoe and accessory collection followed by the launch of apparel in 2001. The question mark after the word Privée wanted to express the initial lap into the unknown, like a bet. Special features that continue to be the hallmarks of Collection PRIVEE? brand today: deconstruction and ironic reinterpretation of the fashion trends in an extremely personal way, also through the use of vintage pieces and of a new dress code based on this innovative mix-match. The brand’s work is focused on the research of materials and experimentation on them, as well as on the almost obsessive research and care for details.

The basics of Francesco D’Amico strong artistic sensibility lay on the particular encounter of cultures he had explored, within his family and all around the world. Through the studies at the Academy of Costume and Fashion of Rome and working experience in Paris with Maurizio Galante, Francesco develops a deep interest in research for haute couture. Back in Milan, he collaborates with Giovanni Cavagna and Massimo Monteforte, specializing in the luxury knitting industry and constantly competing with the highest standards of Italian and international fashion. After other collaborations on special projects, Francesco d’Amico is being abducted from the world of women’s footwear, which leads to the foundation in 2015 of the brand DAMICO MILANO. Production is entrusted to one of the most prestigious footwear realities of Parabiago. Francesco d’Amico lives and works in Milan.




Since 2007, Damir Doma offers creations inspired by a contemporary style for people attentive and avant-garde. In a short time he succeeded to create a strong and unmistakable image of its fashion idea: ultra-modern lines with volumes that move over layers, soft and sophisticated, thanks to the choice of fabrics and selected materials such as raw cotton, cashmere and washed leather.

Born in 1985 in Sicily and passionate about fashion for talent and vocation, Daniele Carlotta initially developed his stylistic career within the home walls, as he is the son of a fine fabrics merchant. In 2005 he took the decision to open his own studio in Milan, a short walk from the luxury and fashion quadrilateral, where Daniele works tirelessly to the label that bears his name. It produces everything in Italy, believing that the “Made in Italy” represents a guarantee; a vision that combines the finest quality fabrics, impeccable silhouette and jewel-details with high visual impact.

The first atelier to make no brand luxury eyewear. No writing, no logos. The concept of the glasses is a set of three elements: materials, craftsmanship and design. The frames are made of Indian water buffalo horn, titanium, beta-titanium and natural base acetate. A co-branding agreement with Zeiss is signed for the lens which are polarized with five anti-reflective coatings, oleophobic coating, hydrophobic coating and anti scratch coating. Depending on the collection, hard packaging is either made of birch wood or reindeer vegetable-tanned skin and provided in a soft Alcantara® pouch. The design is inspired exclusively by minimal art and clear-cut lines. People who buy these glasses are highly self-confident, they want high quality eyewear and do not need to show off. Real luxury is to be unique, that’s why customers can have their names engraved on the glasses.




Since 1984 , with honour to BEAUTY, we have been making jewellry only by listening to our soul, so much convinced that each person wears only what he feels in her soul. This is why our necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings were born! Our jewellry is completely handcrafted and hand-made by using refined raw materials, such as 18kt gold, 925 silver and brass, natural and semiprecious stones, hand made crafted glass and enamels. We also use metal knotted chains, so apparently rough, but with a pleasant softness and ability to adhere to the wearer's skin.

Enrico Mazza women collection - “Rock Couture” as he loves to define it - is made of studs and piercings that revitalize forms of classical elegance. His ideal woman does not spit yesterday’s dives, but she follows their elegant steps in a movement that seeks the pleasures of life with class and character, chasing an ideal where beauty is celebrated continuously between sinuosity and softness of the clothes, between the knowledge of Italian tailoring and stylistic research pushed beyond fashion and time, to dress a woman full of different personalities and contrasting sides, exploring a real luxury, sometimes transgressive, but always elegant, which is not pure ostentation to which we are used in modern times, but a perfect synonym for beauty, uniqueness and luxury, that wants to be deep and remain, not just appear.

L’Accessorio Faliero Sarti was fonded in 1991 as a division of Lanificio Faliero Sarti, one of the most famous Italian textile factories, born in 1949 from Faliero Sarti.that still now produce very high quality fabrics for fashion designers all over the world. Monica Sarti designs and creates all the L’accessorio Faliero sarti collections. Her grandfather Faliero passed to Monica the passion for this world.




Federica Tosi is a label focused on an innovative and extremely contemporary overview of women's clothing. A new concept of Made in Italy - supported by a broad and analysis of the product and market requirements- where craftsmanship and design find concrete expression in a minimal and sophisticated look with eclectic clothes, with a strong urban connotation.

AMCARDILLO_design is an Italian brand born in 2013 by the will of the Anna Maria Cardillo architect. Her creations are part of the type already existing category of “contemporary jewelery”, with a strong character through the use of simple shapes and lines, often with a clear reference to elementary geometry. Her creations are the result of careful research, which denotes the right balance between color, material and size and the combination of volumes and forms, without losing sight of the requirement of wearability, features in this creative process. The research and use of alternative and different materials from those commonly used in the making of jewelry, they’re the characterizes his creations handmade at the expense of quantity, stressing the importance of craftsmanship, the unique and “never the same ”.

Francesca’s visionary drawings turn into handbags and shoes, dreamy and evocative but bold and innovative at the same time. The philosophy and the research of her creations are transmitted in the style, which enchants and convinces. The growing inspiration coupled with the desire to try and dare is the decisive push to show some pieces of her collection to the public. A challenge which soon turns into a goal: the attention of those who are looking for unique, transgressive but sophisticated pieces is quickly captured. The meeting of Francesca with various realities in the field of applied research and industry has fostered interest from an important fund of investment that allowed in 2014 to give birth to a new major project with the official birth of Francesca Castagnacci srl.




“Fashion is a way of living and thinking and being linked to an era and it’s ephemeral, momentary and fleeting.” Building a simple piece requires experience, craftsmanship and love. This is how Garage Nouveau is born, as an ensemble of impeccable style, manufacture, wearability and timeless elegance. Elisa and Massimo want to create a new concept about “affordable luxury” where the choice of materials is maniacal, the fitting is edited till the extreme and the price-quality ratio is fundamental. Garage Nouveau wants to affirm itself with a rich collection of great craftsmanship Made in Italy. Two capsule collections accompany seasonal collections, so that medium-high level customers can renew their exhibition layouts without giving up on product quality. Garage Nouveau wants to express the balance between fashion and everyday desire and accessibility.

Gioielli Dop is the first Food Jewelry brand, designed and handmade in Italy, featuring regional food delicacies in sterling silver and enamels reproducing traditional Italian products and cultural icons. Gioielli Dop composable jewelry is inspired by the colors of Positano, the flavors of the Mediterranean food tradition, the Sicilian School of Pastry, the ancient culture of Magna Graecia, on the east coast of Calabria: the bracelets are the trait-de-union of an Italian Grand Tour. Colors, flavors and culture to wear. The entire production, from design to enameling, is 100% handmade and happens in-house. Our flagship store at Coin Excelsior in Rome has been defined by Vogue Accessory as “the first Food Jewelry Market”: a disruptive retail format, combining the very best of Italy, food and jewels. With Gioielli Dop you can bring home a small “piece” of Italy.

Giovanni Fabiani’s story begins in 1970 when the first collection with the brand Fabiani makes its appearance in the Italian market. Presented at major international fairs and showcases such as Russia, Italy, America and Asian countries, Giovanni Fabiani is today synonymous with quality, style, research and culture. The mastery of Italian shoemaker knowledge is now transferred to an industrial process: from the creation of the model to the assembly of sole and uppers, ‘til the most sought creations which are enriched with applications, decorations and embroideries. The attention to details, the most sophisticated and modern production machinery, coupled with the rigorous selection of leather and raw materials, studied and tested until the last stage of the work coupled with the careful control of quality, give life to high-end products.




“From my father’s experience and my need to innovate to constantly reach the perfection was born the GRAZIANO MAGGIO project.” The Graziano Maggio’s brand is son of a 25 years family history in the shoes sector. From the artisan experience in the luxury shoes production for the best international and italian fashion brands, indeed, born a brand that collects the experience and the quality of Made in Italy products. “All the process, from the design to the packaging, are completely made in the factory because to us, this is the true MADE IN ITALY”. The history of a Graziano Maggio’s italian shoe starts from the creation of the model that, manteining the classic line, open up to new stylistic solutions. The next stage is the material choice where the beauty of leathers, hide, and fabric are the ingredients of a big product.

Passion and experience to make every piece unique. The essential value of fine quality: from the drawing board to the choice of materials, from the design to the manufacturing. All to create trousers that are 100% Italian-made. Absolute comfort, quality and style for the key piece in all of our collections. The perfect love-at-first-try trousers that never go out of fashion. A style whose identity reaches right across the board: different cultures and experiences come together to create the image of a stylish woman who doesn’t feel compelled to follow the latest fashions, but who loves quality and style that works for her on any occasion. Unique pieces that are characterised by their originality, versatility and that must-have qualities, thanks to an expert ability to combine avant-garde design choices and techniques with the wisdom and knowledge of Italian sartorial tradition.

Founded in 1959, the L’Autre Chose SpA is a well-recognized and established fashion house engaged in the design, production and distribution of high-end shoes brands. Based in Porto Sant’Elpidio, in the Marche region, the company started as a small family business but with a prominent position amongst the footwear designers of its region, thanks to the particularly sophisticated style and the use of innovative materials. In 1987, the decision to combine an intimate knowledge of the product with the passion, created the basis for the birth of a new collection under the brand L'Autre Chose. Every product is truly unique as it represents the result of the perfect balance between research and tradition, the elegant mix of refined and raw materials, the pleasant harmony of the French allure with an Italian touch and offers tough contemporary shapes and colors.




In 2005 Moreno and Vincenzo decided to enter in the footwear market entrusting to the quality their new product: LABELLE. Marco gives form to all the shoes, while Moreno mounts the upper on the form. All the production is exclusively Made In ITALY. The aim of this brand is to allow everybody to wear a trendy shoe but above all QUALITY. The artisan is born to create products of high quality, it is ”his creed and to reach this target he needs a mix of choices”: all production is made in M.P.M shoe factory. Leather is “the start point of every shoe”. But this is not enough to create LABELLE shoes, difference is in the personalization. Interventions are done on the leather to draw it, brush it, scratch it, dye it, discolor it…because any cut of leather is unique.

Francesca Zambito, owner and designer of the brand Le Dangerouge, lives and works in Turin, where her studio is located. Francesca, nicknamed Rouge since high school time, attended successfully the Institute IED Moda Milano. After graduating, Rouge decided to follow the footprints of her dad, starting her career in the skateboard company of the family. That is how Le Dangerouge was born, a wordplay including the stylists’ three favourite languages: Le (Italian), Danger (English), Rouge (French). The word “rouge”, symbol of red fire, understood as passion and desire, is flanked by “danger”, which represents the risk and, in some way, the strength to break down borders and take a challenge. Positive feedbacks came soon from consumers, so in January 2014, Francesca Zambito, decided to found her own business in the Italian territory.

Black Label from Woman Style Bureau, represents the top level of woman blouses. Completely free from fashion, moods and changeable trends, Black Label is in the front line in creating new moods and becoming a point of reference in the sophistication of creative solutions.




The exclusive designs of Le4Quadre products by Damiana Spoto arise from an inner image, they get stronger through graphite design or photography and finally take shape through a fine limited edition print. To complete the work, the wise hands of Lucano workers. Le4Quadre patterns are about modernity, geometry, implacable progression of rectangles, squares, borders, borders, diagonals, even efflorescences but always in the mathematical order of a progression and a symmetry. A Le4Quadre bag can be a touch of innovation, if you are a woman who always wears in black or grey. It can be an occasion to remember that life is just a game, which is played ‘til the end and that there is nothing wrong with being still children.

Moments: fleeting but eternal, destined to last forever. Time for a kiss, then for a smile; the excitement of a gift that surprises, eyes lit up by the most precious gifts. Moments: unique, precious. Unrepeatable. Luciano Milan jewellery was created to capture the essence of those vibrant moments to make them unforgettable, endless: beyond time. Each piece is made with love and skill by the best goldsmiths of the Italian school to become one with the wearer, the intimate memory of a moment that becomes eternal: unique, unmistakable, capable of reflecting light and emotions. Fine materials, but at the same time proposals in combination with modern and vital shapes, reserved or extrovert, always elegant and intriguing: a jewel for every memory. Irresistible! This is a Luciano Milan gem: guardian of the most beautiful moments, to wear and take always with oneself.

Style, design and experience in fashion system since the 50’s. That’s what allowed Malloni family to grow more and more over time, basing their success on the strong bond between creativity, craftsmanship and innovation. Fundamental stages of a path that led the company to become a real human and professional capital and to launch the Malloni brand in the luxury segment with a distribution in continuous development. From the launch of the brand Ixos, through a strong expansion in Italy and abroad to the establishment of Malloni S.p.a. in 2000 thanks to Fabio Malloni and Floriana Orsetto’s intuition, who are the managing and creative directors of the group.




In the heart of Tortona area in Milan, on Via Voghera 6, the showroom Manuel Ritz represents the brand’s commercial engine, where national and international customers get in touch with collections that season after season are presented with strategic activities of the brand. The collections speak through a space where the environments transmit the irreverent DNA of the brand that mixes the tailor made tradition of Made in Italy with unconventional and innovative use of materials, shapes, fit and details creating a more contemporary and emotional fashionable image than traditional brands. Exposure forms express, in fact, a lighter concept of elegance thanks to the balance between the rigorous forms and the iconic appeal of the Italian classicism that come reinterpreted through furniture items.

Born in Patagonia but Sicilian origin, Marcela opened a lab in Sicily, in 2000, where she found a new dimension of inspiration, exploring the boundaries between classic and modern. The designs are linear, complex in their apparent simplicity, contemporary, with a delicate nod in the past. Clean lines, organic textures, natural shapes: all of her creations are handmade crafted and they are the expressions of timeless, iconic design and human touch. An intense training course that marks her creativity and drives into a fervent research effort ranging from the design of furnishing accessories to knitwear and contemporary jewel. Jewelery, the expressions of the union between yarns and precious metals, interpret modern and elegant luxury. Her pieces are all handmade, in limited quantities, in her atelier in Sicily.

Everything started with Simona Nicolosi’s deep passion for jewelery that she inherited from her father and that she has always nurtured at a personal level. Always immersed and inspired by the glamour of Milan, Simona Nicolosi launched her first collection in September 2013. May mOma has now loyal retailers like Kadewe, Yoox, Joyce and tens of boutiques in the most important capitals of the world united by the passion for the authentic « made in Italy ». In 2014, 2015 and 2016 may mOma creations have been selected to participate to the Swarovski World Jewelry Facets: a creative platform, where the best contemporary fashion jewelry designers present their products.




Founded in 2016 in Central Italy, the brand established itself as an union of craftsmanship and design, following the trend of retrieving the Italian know-how in accessories production. The name “Memoria” (memory) is the emblematic concept behind our idea because the felt is well know to be a shape-memory material. The hat not only as a supplement, but as a statement fashion piece. Our products are created through traditional craftsmanship process and are totally handmade. From collection development to product merchandising, we follow the entire process. When designing the collection we keep one foot on the market’s trends and one foot on our identity as a brand. We make each hat by hand using various quality of felt and wooden hat blocks. Each hat takes about 3-4 days to be done. The result is an high quality sartorial hat.

Since 1980, Kabi tailors and provides clothing all over the world. At first as an indipendent label for the most important italian fashion houses, from Max Mara to Prada, Versace and Marni. The fashion line is composed by a complete range of jackets in goose feathers, characterised by a new design and the use of selected and precious materials like waterproof silk, printed nylon, velvet and particular details in authentic pelt. All +Mini clothes are made with goose feathers made 100% in Europe, worked and sterilised in Italy respecting all the sanitary rules.

The brand wants to reflect the different personalities that a contemporary woman can have thanks to a transitional stylistic identity, in the making and always more variable. A different story, concept and starting point for reflection and analysis are presented every season. The main characters are lines, volumes, manufacturing and fabrics. Anna Ceccon, the designer, loves defining herself as a storyteller. The target audience is transversal when it comes to age, but it is characterised by cultural interests and the search for uniqueness. Organza, which has always been the designer’s signature, stresses the research for the modern through the use of innovative traditional fabrics. The dichotomy between movement and static, the relationship between irony and colour, the study of unexpected and emotionally engaging details are MOI MULTIPLE’s aesthetics’ foundations.




A wrinkle on the face, a scar: significant features that, by transmitting a sort of life experience, are cleverly captured and recreated using our special ‘working time machine of leather’ which gives evidence of a human touch in every finished product that needs to be worn to be fully appreciated. Rules free and innovation- driven, this unique Italian shoes and leathers production know-how is handled by a trusted group of specialists. These skills and knowledge are a unique expression of creativity and respect for quality.

ONES srl company start business from January 2010. ONES brand exist from January 2006. Mr. Graziano Gentili is the a.d. of ONES srl . ONES is 100% Italian. ONES make Man and Woman collections. ONES brand it’s present in the world best shop like PAUW in Amsterdam LODENFREY in Munich BOSCO DEI CILIEGI in Moskow FERNER JACOBSEN in Oslo THE STORE in Milano BERNARDO in Florence SAN CARLO in Turin BOTTA in Cuneo IL PORTONE in Rome BONGENIE in Zurich and Geneve CAIRNS in Paris HAZELTON in Toronto TINCATI in New York ALAN BILZERIAN in Boston SUN MOTOYAMA in Tokyo.

An enthusiastic experimenter, always spurred to extremes by inspiration coming from all sorts of arts. As if moved by an invisibile fury, the material plies into shape and becomes a new collection in the history of fashion. Each piece becomes one of a kind, an absolutely original representation of three dimensionality, bringing Pierantonio’s style close to architectural design. His creations are structures built for a body, supported by a real talent in combining love for knitwear, sobriety and transformation. Every collection contains an idea that provokes an overturning of the constructional conventions and therefore a shirt can become a dress by a simple destructuring of its volumes. His woman is a rebel angel, elegant and sober. A woman who moves like a seductive warrior, one who has conquered her place in the world just because it was waiting for her.




Working clothes, which are usually used to protect the garments we wear, become themselves the protagonists and bring the woman in perfect balance between femininity and professionalism. Woman and work are, therefore, the foundations, the combination of elements that we are used to wear to protect yourselves. Apron, large shoulders, huge pockets to keep you up to hand all the tools of the craft are the main parts of the look indicating the strength and energy women need to deal with work with constancy and dedication. Flaps in front or back with buttons or laces. Rows, squares and solid colors are the fabric textures, to highlight the construction of the model and to make the look elegant and elegant in perfect Pommes de Claire style.

PourquoiMe born from the taste and elegance of the contemporary woman, immersed in working life, working in the family and focused on public relations. The woman wearing luxury shirts, dresses and trousers of our collections is sensual and full of femininity, he never fears of feeling inadequate, since the craftsmanship of the details, from the choice of fine fabrics and natural fiber to the peculiarities of the accessories, making each unique and exclusive garment, only made in Italy and suitable for any time of the day.

In 1988 Alfredo Ramponi inherited his father business, a landmark in the processing of plastic materials. His passion for stones and mineral enabled him to develop, in a short matter of time, the first synthetic crystal. Grounded on concepts like social responsibility, ethics, environmental protection, promotion of welfare activities, the enterprise is now focusing on the territory, thus promoting services aimed to “further the welfare of communities through associative projects”. The Como-based company has also promoted: its sustainibility and social balance, a governance and control model to prevent crime risk as well as its Code of Ethics. The pursuit of a virtuous model of expansion of the company also encompasses other forms of patronage, whose foremost epitome is Ramponi Award.




Every item is a byproduct of Roberto’s exploratory journey through a highly personal conceptual universe. Each creation embodies a transformative action that aims to surpass classical beauty canons, moving towards new-found freedoms of thought and of expression: his bags are a synthesis of everything which he finds interesting or special, a medium by which he investigates the complexities of a unique vision, where the goal is always more than the mere production of an aesthetically pleasing object. The brand’s distinctive feature is an essential yet never ordinary design: highly functional pieces become riddles, beckoning the eye as they ask to be picked up, and to be dis-arranged then rearranged according to necessity. Linear shapes and pure geometries meet the finest leathers and the highest-quality custom materials.

San Andrès Milano represents a contemporary vision of Mexican culture; ironic, nostalgic, a play of very bright lights and clear shadows in which color blocks give birth to accurately cut dresses featuring vibrant tones and a relaxed allure that is bright but most importantly joyous and combines righteousness and impertinence. Each collection draws inspiration from a cultural reference to Mexico, becoming an ambassador of an important intellectual universe. In this measured reminiscence, the House embraces Italian tailoring knowledge suggesting the translation of an endless aesthetic universe in a specific identity in just a few lines.

SMARTEEZ is a brilliant collection, completely Made in Italy, where colors and volumes are combined to create new silhouettes, mixing sportswear and formal wear with a glitch attitude through the use of graphic patterns and a taste for sparkling palette: a contemporary look which aligns elements of casual wear and chic wear in transversal harmonic combinations.




ALL IN ONE FASHION LTD is founded on August 2013 with its headquarter set in Puglia. Owner of the brand SOSUD, the company is based on the human labor of 40 women minding the tailorship, quality and care for the details to give a 100% MADE IN ITALY company. The instinct that makes trend, the love for their land, the passion for fashion, the cult of excellence, are the foundations on which it is founded SOSUD. Put special, capable to put in evidence the character of who wears them and make important every time. Clothes that express the land of origin, a contemporary collection with references to the trends more vintage where the tailoring and the care of the details are the basis of a creative experimentation. Precious materials, precious damask, printed silks, cashmere and sought jacquard presented the nuance bruising with a wave of gold, lend charm and originality.

A brand in which sportswear, streetwear and workwear mingle and influence each other, with painstaking care for details and processing techniques, as well as exclusively made- in- Italy fabrics. Sabrina Mandelli, Milanese born and bred, following important professional experiences with prestigious brands like Dolce&- Gabbana, Ring and Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh (where she is currently Womenswear Head Designer), launched her label SSHEENA in 2015. Since its onset, the brand has already gathered consensus and won the special Time Award 2016 - brand accelerator project launched by WHITE in 2015 in collaboration with Camera Italiana Buyer Moda. SSHEENA has been selected by WHITE as Special Guest and for the first time it will be the protagonist of an Urban Catwalk, a fashion show open to the public, from Sala delle Cariatidi in Palazzo Reale to Piazza Duomo. This special event has been organized in collaboration with CNMI and with the support of the Ministry for Economic Development and ICE Agenzia, thanks to Confartigianato Imprese.

Stefano Mortari's woman is elegant and sophisticated. His taste expresses apparent simplicity, guarding and revealing at the same time - for who has the ability to see - the women's extremely intimate refinement. The study of lines and cuts is rigorous, a methodic and refined play with subtraction, that allows him to reach the essence of shapes. The result are garments with extremely pure shapes and proportions, simple and unique, always easy to wear. A complete wardrobe, with blouses, pulls, skirts and dresses, without unnecessary decorations. The garments move on and with the body, not constraining, gifting a new contemporary elegance and freedom to who wears them. His fashion has the ability to give to the most audacious shapes a new unexpected lightness. A minimalist and refined aesthetic that has always lived with the history of the collections and his creator.




Thanks to a team of professionals always in touch with the latest market trends, the TA|MO brand is constantly updated, ensuring collections that are always a step ahead, both stylistically and creatively. By participating in the leading international fashion fairs, monitoring emerging trends and the most important web influencers and making frequent trips to the world’s fashion capitals, TA|MO keeps a close watch on what is going on around the world. The high quality level of the collections is ensured by the constant use of the latest technology and a staff of highly specialized professionals. The know-how and excellence of Made in Italy production, resulting from skilled local workmanship, are a key feature of the Brand’s operations.

TRANSIT is something of a rarity because it is one of the few companies in Italy that still keeps its entire production cycle in-house. Everything is conceived, designed and made on the company premises. It is a form of "industrial" craftsmanship. More than 100 people work for the company. They constitute the very heart of its existence. THE PHILOSOPHY High-quality raw materials, understated elegance, personality, freedom, relaxation and a big focus on the quality/price ratio. PEOPLE are citizens of the world with their own personalities. They are inquisitive, elegant and capable of understanding culture and appreciating the true value of everything around us. They pay no heed to passing fads. They go straight to the heart of the matter and seek out the comfortable sensations that only a highly sophisticated material can convey. They are people who love restrained, timeless innovation and design.

Twins Florence was created in Tuscany in 2014 by the partnership between Linda Calugi, who studied Architecture and the family company Missardi S.p.A, specializing in leather clothing. The brand had been selected by the Italian Fashion House to exhibit in September 2015 and February 2016, during the Fashion Hub initiative, in collaboration with Unicredit. Twins Florence is also invited to the Copenhagen fashion summit in May 2016. In September 2016, the Journal Standard Relume store in Tokyo creates a corner Twins Florence at the Vogue Fashion Night Out in Tokyo. In October 2016 Twins Florence is presented at the Women’s Show in Paris and opens a dedicated corner at La Rinascente, Milan.


The creator of the product, sculptor and designer Jochen Andreas Zeh, thought and elaborated it from 2004 on. A common thread unites this route, born in a poetic workshop in the countryside near Florence and continued in the creative Atelier and workshop where the current collection of Woo Class are made. With the enthusiasm to take forward and develop the project established in the past years: manufacture wood frame glasses built in the most natural way. Our mission is to bring forward the focus on comfort and pleasure in the fit for each frame, without forgetting the harmonic shape, design and commitment to the environment. Each frame is a real one-of product, expertly worked by hand, with special attention to the soft finish, sculptural, sensual and delightful touch.