BMW on Circular Stage

White Milano, together with BMW, signs a strategic partnership with the aim of communicating shared values in terms of sustainability and circular economy.

An agreement that translates into a storytelling based on shared values able to  emotionally involve the audience of a smart city like Milan. An effective communication plan that goes along with the event, before and after, including a full schedule of appointments thought to catalyze an innovative vision towards insiders, professionals and fans.


The Cube

In the iconic location of Superstudio Più - via Tortona 27 - White presents a show within the show - a design space dedicated to the research of footwear, where stylistic innovation defines brands of the new generation, representing the answer to the new demands of  footwear market.


The Suk

In the premises of Ex Ansaldo -  via Tortona 54 -  a warm and welcoming atmosphere of a scenographic set reproducing the typical Middle Eastern Suk. An unprecedented stage to present small niche companies of the world of fashion but also accessories, lifestyle and beauty.

Luxury Lounge

A selection of top denim brands California based enriches WHITE's Luxury Lounge. A special area inside Superstudio - via Tortona 27 - where the protagonists are premium Californian denim companies, which truly stand out from the jeans market thanks to its unique aesthetics and fitting, that shape and sculpt the body enhancing femininity.

BOYISH, RE/DONE, PAIGE, FRAME, L'AGENCE and MOTHER are the 6 brands selected by WHITE for those who want nothing less then top quality and bet on sensuality enhanced. 


Beyond The Norm

The innovative project that comes to life in the exhibiting spaces of MUDEC - Museo Delle Culture - in via Tortona 56, hosting international niche brands in three suggestive and iconic areas: the Agora, the Auditorium and the Innovation Centre.

An exhibition where fashion, arts and lifestyle come together for a unique performance that sees community-driven brands in an installation aimed at celebrating the renewed values of the fashion industry and its interactions on the physical and digital market. A cultural hub where architecture and arts join in the enhancement and interdisciplinary research on world cultures, key to the interpretation of contemporaneity and vision. 

Milano Loves Italy

A project carried by WHITE and CSM-Camera Showroom Milan, a movement that involves all fashion system players with the Municipality of Milan patronage and the support of the Regione Lombardia.

A calendar that brings together and promotes multi-brand stores and showrooms in Milan with 20 exhibitions / happenings around the city.

WHITE continues its mission of involving the city of Milan, through a network of in-store events able to stimulate Italian and international public interest during the days of Milan Fashion Week. WHITE promotes a new format of “widespread event” that connects and enhances different realities and the main players to involve professionals and the city of Milan as a focal point at an international level in a new way.

Now in its third edition of Milano Loves Italy, the edition of February 2022 sees the participation and involvement of brands united by a feeling of respect and inclusion.