MAGAZINE October 11th, 2022


Movopack is the Italian startup that has brought in our country the first reusable packaging system for e-commerce. 

It consists of an envelope with Velcro that is delivered in different sizes to the company-customer that adopts the system. The latter uses it as a case for items sold to be shipped. Articles of different types and sizes: thanks to the velcro latch, the envelope adapts to the proportions of the content minimizing the volume.

When the package arrives at the end customer, the customer will take out his purchase, and then fold the empty packaging on itself and return it virtuously, sending it to any mailbox. Thanks to the pre-compiled label that each package reveals - and to the pre-paid shipment - the Movo can in fact return to the Movopack plant, to be first sanitized and then reused, on average up to 20 times. At the end of its life cycle, the packaging will be recycled to be reborn in circular optics.

Alberto, how was this brilliant idea born?

«We started with a packaging for large household appliances in expanded polypropylene. Today, for example, when you buy a washing machine, it arrives packed in a "quintal" of polystyrene that you take and then throw it away. Our packaging, in addition to significantly increasing the degree of protection of the appliance it carries, is usable (just like Movo) up to 20 times. This was the first product we conceived and launched and, at the moment, we are working with companies that work in the production of large household appliances to bring it to market. Having then developed everything that is the circular logistics system to recover these packaging and reuse it we said: "Why not launch into a market of the e-commerce, where there is a huge waste of disposable packaging that is taken and immediately discarded?».

Where do you produce your circular packaging? And how much do they impact the environment compared to a classic packaging?

«Our partners’ factories are primarily in the far East (mainly China), because right now this productive technology sadly isn’t available in Europe. Our operations (like sanitization and quality control) are based in the heart of Europe, in two separated logistical centers. Movopack’s great sustainable innovation resides not in the productive model, but in the consumption model: we have just finished a LCA study through a third party that quantifies the CO2, water and energy the Movo product saves compared to a standard cardboard box depending on the number of times a product is used. The results are extraordinary: already from the second use, the saving of resources and the decrease of polluting factors is equaò to 40%; at the third use, 50%, and at the 20th use 75%. These results are unprecedented when compared to any other industry».

Of course, even in the packaging, the fashion industry wants to reduce its impact, but without sacrificing aesthetics and coordinated image. This begs the question: is your packaging customizable?

«Of course, what you see here at WSM is the fair version but each customer can make their own order (the minimum amount consists of 1000 pieces for personalization). Movopack designs according to the clients’ requests. We then build the whole system of circular economy around the company-customer, managing it entirely: so the final consumer buys on a certain e-commerce a product of our company-customer and sends us the packaging back. We, in turn, sanitize and return the packaging to the company closing the circle and reopening a subsequent one for a new use».


How much is the percentage of return of your packaging worth? And if, out of laziness, the final consumer does not send them back?

«The re-entry rate is 73%, which means three out of four people send it back. There is no problem, in any case, on the sustainability side, if the end consumer keeps it, because it will naturally extend the life cycle of the product and it will breathe a new life into it as a backpack, a shopping bag, a gym bag etc. The client-company will have a consumer who will use the product (even branded) in their everyday life. From an economic standpoint Movopack doesn’t turn any additional cost for the client-company in this case.

What kind of contract can your customer companies choose? 

«They can freely decide if buy our product with a minimum order or, at no cost, take it on sale. This means that the company adopts the packaging and offers the solution to the end customer, who at the checkout stage selects it and buys instead of a traditional packaging solution».

How much more does your packaging cost, compared to cardboard?

«Our packaging obviously provides an additional  service, together with an extraordinary unboxing experience compared to the current, single-use packaging. For sizes S and M it costs 1 euro and 50 cents, size L is 2 euros and 70 cents and XL (from 120L) costs euros. Let’s not forget that it is inclusive of all the service there is behind it: packaging, sealer for shipping, logistics of return and sanitation».  

What is the biggest challenge for you right now?

«Making ourselves known. We strive to be considered the most sustainable packaging solution for e-commerce across Europe and surely it is the right time to launch this type of product on the market».








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