MAGAZINE October 13th, 2022


A leader in the recovery and repurposing of fabrics and accessories, Maeba International is currently recognized as the first company in Europe to have identified a UNI EN ISO standard, 14021, to certify and guarantee authenticity to a business model based on the basic principles of the circular economy. With the aim of promoting the concepts on which customers can develop real green collections, in 2020 Maeba International founded the brand ReLiveTex, its collections offer a wide range of proposals made with fashion system deadstock fabrics, giving them a new life. Savina Saporiti tells us who she is and what her family business is focusing on today, an excellent reality of the Italian supply chain that has made efficiency and circularity new flagships.

How has your company changed over the decades?

"In 2028 our family will reach the milestone of 100 years of fabric business. The biggest development came in the 1990s, when my father Angelo founded what over the years has turned out to be the largest textile representation agency in the industry. Through strong long-term ties between manufacturers and major Italian fashion brands, we managed  to build those foundations that today allow us to offer nearly 4 million meters of fabric on ready-to-wear, most of it collected in an easily searchable sample book that is always available at our Showrooms. In recent years we have grown by increasing our materials display from 4 to 12 thousand square meters, thus diversifying both our offerings and our service.

Last July, one of the major newspapers in the Veneto (North-East Italy) "honored" us as a company founded on the family-business combination, recognizing a path made of shared goals and mission across all generations."

If you had to choose a few key words to describe your company what would they be?

"Definitely maximum variety of fabrics with minimal environmental impact, consider that we now count over 35 thousand different items! And then: immediate goods availability, represents another strength at a time when materials have become so difficult to produce or source. But also convenience: at a time when cost-cutting is necessary, we typically offer items at one-third of the average regular market cost. Last but not least, diversity: in our company we count more than twenty different macro types of fabrics tracked, from cashmere to wool, from silk to cotton, to technical performance fabrics."

You are presenting the ReLiveTex project at WSM . What is it about and how did it come about?

"ReLiveTex by Maeba International is an internationally registered trademark that brings together the principles of traceability and transparency of circular economy. In May 2020 we obtained the first certified asseveration from the Cot Center, a leader in business process certification, which recognized our business model as innovative in developing a process that allows the re-introduction into the fashion system of those discarded and unused materials, generated by production deadstocks , often coming from luxury brands. The UNI EN ISO 14021 standard that enabled this first certification is completely based on the principles found in the 2018 European Directive 851 and, even more so, in the development of the UN 2030 Agenda goals.

The whole process allows our suppliers to be able to declare in their sustainable balance sheet the traceability of their inventories, while, to our customers, to promote a sustainable choice, lowering almost completely the environmental impact of their collections."

What does it mean to be a responsible company today? What kind of commitments have you made and how do you try to achieve your goals?

"Since ReLiveTex was founded, and then in just two years, we have further increased our range of certified products by including clothing accessories and knitting yarn. This step was not so obvious, considering that they are completely different products both in terms of management and quantity and market placement. But it has allowed the quick development of firm partnerships with emerging brands that are particularly conscious of their environmental impact, promoting upcycling, recovery, and ways of using materials other than those for which they were produced. A number of collaborations that we are particularly proud of will soon be made public, for the achievements and especially for the spirit of promoting our shared circular vision."

Which products are you most proud of? 

"I would like to answer almost all of them... certainly the Exclusive Technical Fabrics collection, a collection of ReLiveTex technical fabrics mostly of Italian and French origin, which has allowed us to offer our many established customers new products of the highest quality, in an extraordinary range of almost two hundred colors. Fabrics for jackets and more, which would have been difficult to find in small quantities, given the high metrics required to produce products of this level. Buying products from our company also means being able to use quality fabrics that, for reasons of production minimums or price, would be inaccessible to some in the industry."

How important is the technological aspect in your company? 

"Very much! In recent years we have implemented technology both internally and and in direct support of agents and customers, giving us faster and more efficient service."

One goal achieved that you are particularly proud of.

"The most important goal achieved was definitely being featured as a pioneering company in the fashion industry in the Green Italy 2020 report. A goal never achieved by a resale company like ours, which provides large and small Italian and foreign companies with a truly impressive textile heritage."








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