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Born in 1970 from an idea of Luigi Annovazzi, the Founder, Iluna Group initially produced preformed cups for bras, but with the acquisition of the Ondoli factory in Cuggiono, it specialized in elastic lace in 1985, competing with French Leavers. Today the products that constitute the group's core business are microfiber and tulle fabrics, rigid and stretch lace for outerwear, underwear, corsetry and beachwear, hosiery and seamless garments with Karl Mayer technology. The highlight is the Black Label series, enhanced by ultra-thin (20-denier) laces. 

Since 2014, Iluna Group has distinguished itself by weaving the values of beauty and innovation with responsibility. This is thanks to Iluna Lab, a cutting-edge research and development center where laces are conceived and designed to become sustainable ingredients for the contemporary wardrobe. Smart values are attested by STeP - Sustainable Textile Production by Oeko - Tex® certification for its ethical approach. Iluna is also the first lace manufacturer to be awarded the GRS - Global Recycled Standard for processed products, and whose products are all OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified. Our questions are answered by Head of Design Federica Tersch Annovazzi and Walter Colombo from the research and development department. 

Three key words to describe your company. 

"Smart Innovation, Sustainable and Green are the words that best describe us."

What does it mean to be a responsible company today? 

"Offering maximum transparency in the entire production chain in terms of traceability and sustainability and using responsible raw materials."

What are your most advanced sustainable products?

"We offer a wide range of products made from yarns with a high content of GRS-certified pre-consumer recycled raw material as well as degradable yarn. We offer similarly GRS-certified prints and flock."

What is the biggest challenge in the style office today?

"Combining research, technique and design to achieve amazing and unexpected laces."

Are there any innovations or patents you feel like telling us about?

"Our history is full of innovations, among the most important and recent ones we can definitely remember the creation of the Black Label line, a container of innovations such as the very fine 20-denier laces that over time has naturally transformed into a sustainable key with the presentation of the Green Label line, a transformation that now allows us to convert the entire product range. This is one of the innovations we are particularly proud of."

What are you presenting at WSM?

"An explosion of metallic effects on the delicate lace surfaces that give unexpected glows. Lace made from unusual raw materials such as chenille, embossed tulle made from recycled polyamide, sustainable prints and flock, pareos, grand ruffles and much more."

What are the most significant goals you have already achieved and are proud of?

"Let's leave the answer to the numbers: from a 3.2 percent share of sustainable production in the total kilograms of lace produced in 2018, we have reached 52 percent in 2021. This is an incredible achievement that fills us with pride."

What do you expect from the future, what ambitions do you have?

"In this particular period marked by a war at Europe's doorstep and a growing energy crisis, we would still like to remain optimistic, hoping for a return to a more stable economy under the banner of Sustainability and with full respect for the planet's precious resources. Iluna Group has charted its course in this direction and intends to continue on the path."



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