MAGAZINE February 21st, 2022


WSM - White Sustainable Milano is fashion’s new event of the creative and supply chain

WSM - White Sustainable Milano next edition is the best showcase in terms of sustainable, leading-edge innovation. A platform of visibility, story-telling and promotion, positive exchange and networking on the hot topics of the day: technology and sustainability.

Today there is a lot of talking about sustainability. Yet, what are the innovations in the fashion’s creative and productive supply chain capable of enabling business to implement a true digital and ecological transition?

In via Tortona from 24th to 27th February, the next edition of WSM takes stock, bringing the insiders and the audience of White inside the change.

Leading-edge brands, materials, hi-tech processes and multimedia installations to put on stage the best of the avant-garde in terms of innovation and sustainable production. Furthermore: a programme of highly educational and informative talks and workshops, which are also open to schools and end-users, who will experience live the stories of the protagonists.

Behind each and every apparel item there lies a complex supply and production chain.

In this framework, unexpected technological revolutions are gaining ground, capable of scaling down the whole sector’s footprint. Unveiling the fashion backstage, the multi-sensorial docu-event will explore all this. The event has been developed by White in collaboration with Giusy Bettoni, Founder and CEO of C.L.A.S.S. eco-hub and Marco Poli, CEO of The Style Lift. The protagonists, the interpreter of the behind-the-scenes industry, whose role is often given for grated, while it is actually critical to fulfil the new quality standards along the whole life circle of the product. Among them, Alpaca del Perù- Perù Textiles, sustainable cotton and alpaca from Peru, Bemberg by Asahi Kasei, virtuous material under the banner of zero waste; Dyloan, trailblazing production technologies for the fashion industry, art and design; Iluna Group, Italian leader in the sustainable supply chain of lace ; La Méthode di Produce Sinapsi, line of circular items at its debut; Linifico and Canapificio Nazionale, natural yarns from Europe; Maeba International, selection and re-elaboration of premium fabrics; Renoon, go-to App dedicated to eco-friendly and sustainable shopping; Sense-immaterial Reality, technology for the dematerialization of fabrics and products with experiential focus; Sustainable Brand Platform, digital platform for the environmental and ethical appraisal and the distribution of emerging names; Varcotex, customizable made-in-Europe labels; YKK, fastening accessories developed with the most advanced technologies; Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia, premium, 100% made-in-Italy combed and carded yarns.

C.L.A.S.S. ICON Award comes back. The annual competition based on the C.L.A.S.S. Manifesto, dedicated to visionary creatives who combine design, responsible innovation and communication, capable of sensitizing the contemporary consumer to the new values of sustainable fashion. The project is supported by IDEE BRAND PLATFORM, which assists fashion brands in their commercial activity, WHITE Milano, an international tradeshow that supports independent and new generation brands with special projects since their birth, and Renoon, the shopping app responsible. All together they support the winner from consulting to communication for a full year at 360 °.

The award-winning C.L.A.S.S. 2021 Icon Award, The Portuguese brand Duarte presents its Fall / Winter 2022/23 collection at WSM (WHITE Sustainable Milan) - developed in collaboration with C.L.A.S.S. Eco Hub - within the docu-event “Unveiling the fashion Backstage”, focused on an immersive journey into the fantastic world of premium and smart supply chains, that make the smart fashion wardrobe becoming reality.

Pushing the system to comply with the sustainability goals of the United Nations is the ambitious commitment of The Institute of Positive Fashion, agency of the British Fashion Council , which supports the industry in placing the planet, people and the communities at the core. On show at WSM, the stories of the sustainable supply chain and of the brands, which IPF has selected for the showcase GREAT Fashion for Climate Action at the latest COP26 in Glasgow. Among them: Ahluwalia, Anya Hindmarch, Burberry, Christopher Raeburn, Helen Kirkum and Stella McCartney.

There is no evolution without planning culture, Changing Room is the installation made by Fashion B.E.S.T. Città dell’Arte with CRTLZAK: a hanging dressing room with curtains made out of true narrating garments and labels will have us consider the need for greater awareness. In order to aptly react we need to reduce, but also rethink the relationship that the industry and the consumers have with their garments and their habits.

Can we really imagine the next future? NSS Magazine does so by inviting the audience to experience it through the Oculus visor, a meta-experience in which gaming and creativity are at the basis of a parallel reality. Not only have

Metaverse, NFT and gamification become key words, they are also business paths, which we need to understand and embrace.

Speaking, exchanging ideas and experiences, opening up, embracing are therefore the vital principles of an industry that, today like never before, ought to come to terms with the digital acceleration and the need to be more efficient and reduce our footprint. Hence, at the core of the WSM area, a round stage will host talks, workshops and educational meetings with experts and visionaries. Every day, from Thursday to Sunday, a program of ideas, inputs, provocations, case histories and paths awaits you; synergies and strategies.

The whole WSM projects relies on the special media partnership with Wired, international brand, frontrunner in the field of information and in-depth analysis of tech contents and innovation. Download the programme of talks and workshops.

The countdown is officially on. 



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