MAGAZINE February 19th, 2021

TRANSIT Interview


The Transit brand, founded by Matteo Cozza, produces pure Made in Italy products, at times artisanal, without typical Italian "branding ". “The distribution of the product is aimed at selected multi-brand stores around the world ", as the entrepreneur said in the interview that follows.

What is fashion to you?

It is the expression of the continuous evolution of society. Fashion is able to mark time and change over time.

When and why did you start your brand?

The Transit brand was inspired by a dream which came true in 1991, the year in which I decided to convert the company, until then only dedicated to production for third parties, in an independent company with its own brand and identity. Thanks to a very clear idea of the collection, I wanted to enhance the ideas and skills of my entire company without adapting to the ideas of others.

Where do you get your inspiration when you create?

Inspirations are born from continuous observation, particularly from the coming together of cultures and people and personalities. It is often the details and nuances that attract me as they are the sign of a great care and attention, which liven up my creativity.

How would you describe the collection you will present at White Show Milano?

A refined and practical collection witch breaths craftsmanship and the unconventional.

Do you have any future projects?


The technological and digitalization drive will engage our company both on the productive front in which I have invested for years in state of the art technologies and also in the business world opening us to an increasingly interconnected world. Within the year, we also expect to open our first Transit store in Paris.

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