MAGAZINE February 22nd, 2021

SPRUNG PARIS 1931 Interview


SPRUNG is short for Maison Sprung Freres, founded in 1931 by Alexander Z. Sprung. The brand was rebranded in 2015 and emerged itself to the new generation. 

What are your values and philosophy?

- The core value of the brand has always been about quality and craftsmanship. Best quality materials meet with skillful execution. We focus on well-finished garments, new and innovative ideas or combinations such as reversible leather and technical fabric garments, reversible Italian eco wool and plaid fabric coats, and reversible fur and technical fabric jackets. Our brand was also the first to develop completely reversible shearling coats with a signature pocket finishing for both sides of the coat.

Where do you produce and where your fabrics and material are coming from?

- All our shearlings and leathers come from various European countries and are produced in Turkey. Fabrics such as plaid and eco wool are Italian, developed especially for the brand. Fur skins such as mink and fox are certified from Saga furs and hand-made in Saga furs partner-factory in China. All skins and materials are retractable to their origins with certifications. There's a list of loyal clients that have been with us for decades because of the trust we built based on transparency and honesty. 

How would you describe your aesthetic?

- The DNA of SPRUNG is an infusion of classic contemporary with a touch of modernity. Fur and shearling apply themselves beyond its norm with cotton and woolen fabric. Colors are subtle and well studied to enhance the beauty and characteristics of the materials. There's a hint of sportiness and ease without being overly complicated.

Tell me about the collection you are presenting at White

- The concept for this new collection fall-winter 2021-22  is "Still life Abstractionnisme" inspired by the artworks of Belo de Kristo, Jose Pedro Costigliolo, and Amendée Ozenfant. During a time where our daily life routine is turned upside down because of a pandemic, we must rethink the way we live and interact with the surrounding. It's a perfect time to look and search for a deeper meaning of living. And the best way for me is to look and examine the most ordinary everyday life objects like glasses, vases, food, etc In these paintings, how the artists abstractly rearranged the objects is somewhat how I see life nowadays. 

Can you describe the pieces you are proud of?

- Pieces I'm most proud of are the shearling coats with patchwork on the back with different colors and types of shearlings, the reversible leather with technical silver coats and the reversible eco wool with plaid fabric coats. 

What is next? Do you have a project or dream for the post-pandemic world?

- Traveling to new places and revisiting places that I have already been to would be wonderful.


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