MAGAZINE February 26th, 2021



When you say Pink Memories, everyone thinks of petticoats. And in fact that first edition of White, with 18 petticoats in 18 different colours, went really well. But in 15 years the brand has become a fully fledged collection made in Tuscany and it  has made itself known, also and most of all, for the high quality knitwear, often handmade at km zero or very light, four season.

What is the philosophy of the brand?

“Stubbornly  feminine but also comfortarble, with timeless pieces that dress women rom 20 to 70 years, from size 38 to  48.”

Therefore an ageless fresh style

“Yes, many generations at the same time really like it. I think the secret lies all in the personality of the product. Today people are more knowledgeable, they immediately understand the difference between a synthetic sweater and one made in Tuscany. For instance: we had in our window a superkid mohair sweater embroidered with French lace and it was a sell-out. It cost 350 Euros, but it was worth every penny. People understood it and it immediately went out of stock.”

Are petticoats always there?

“Sure, they have become a collection inside the collection, 15 models in 20 colours and for practical reasons (trivially speaking, to avoid the creases made by the saddle while riding a bike) the lace is not matched  with silk but with elasticated viscose.”

Has this pandemic changed your approach to design?

No, to me style has always been something extremely practical, I found it hard to describe as people wasn't used to such a practical vision. Of course, now I have launched my jumpsuit with a side strip of lace but for the rest I have always reasoned in these terms, hence the answer is 'no, I haven't changed approach.' What's more is that in this period instead of shrinking we have opened two new shops. Our retail network has grown and we have invested a lot on the digital side: from e-commerce to our presence on social media. I must say it's incredible: we receive orders worldwide.”

It's nice to hear that in this period there brands doing well.

“Friday I went to  Forte dei Marmi for the first summer set-up. I entered the shop and it was perfect, outside the atmosphere was amazing and many customers had come from Milan to shop. They tell me that my products can't be found elsewhere. Then unfortunately we went back to the orange zone, obviously we cannot do anything about it. In the morning I heard people who said they want to close their shop. On the other side I hear others who are enthusiastic as the receive many orders. I think there are people who have understood how to deal with this period and what to offer their customers while others haven't. 

What are you showcasing at White? Anything special?

Even in FW21 there is our iconic part with lace, this winter I made it also in velvet. And then the knitwear: from my version of a cashmere  jumpsuit to the tricot coats there is the whole Pink world.”






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