MAGAZINE March 1st, 2021



Compared to the creative talent who founded the brand in 2007 Pierre-Louis Mascia is the same person. With the same enthusiasm, the same confidence. He says he had an intuition which became true in his relationship with Achille Pinto, his business partner from the first day and in the relationship with himself his creativity. Today his ideas are clearer, and he thinks the moment has come to tell his story: a story of life and everyday routine. He knows he masters better his job, something that makes him even more enthusiastic and today he feels like sharing his vision, all the more in this period. “My face has grown older, I have a grey beard – he jokes. But not the brand: it's a teenager ready to experiment.”

What values are unchanged and where has there been a change in your point of view?

“As you may know I'm more of an artist than a designer. The values I defend are the visceral attachment to art – in all its forms: from painting to sculpture to drawing to dance and architecture – and the creative and poetical dimension of the brand. What has changed is that, compared to the intuition in its origins, today I feel in total harmony with my vision, today my brand reflects completely my personality.”

 What value has craftsmanship in your items? How do you work with Achille Pinto?

“I compose my collages manually, in a surgical and, at the same time, classical way: a mix of archive suggestions, drawings, illustrations I send to Italy to Achille Pinto, who transforms them through a mix of tradition, craftsmanship and digital technology. It's incredible, the mix of these elements has the power to transform the fabric and our creations into something timeless. No element works individually, it would never be the same thing. Only the “trilogy” drives us to the realization of a good result.”

What is your relationship with technology?

“I think it's a tool, a support for the ideas. I understand that today digital data and technology allow amazing things but... without the sparkle of creation they are empty. To me nothing is modern or old-fashioned: only ideas exist.

Has pandemic influenced your approach to design?

“My solitary lifestyle hasn't changed, but I have interrupted the way we share with others. Well, I think that as human beings we need to “vibrate” together with others. But everything has a beginning and an end... although I think that what we are experiencing today and it influences on the way we are will be understood only later on.”

Tell us about an iconic item of your new collection in order for me to fall in love only through your words.

“An iconic item in my collection is the silk shirt with running piping.  Per se, there is nothing  subversive in its simple shape, in its cut: on the other hand it's in the print that this item is brought to life. We have used a trompe l’oeil pattern, which is the meticulous  jacquard of an Iranian carpet, juxtaposed to a geometrical Seventies print with vivid colours. All the energy of the brand lies in research and what I love most in this piece is the coexistence of wisdom and folly. My work is all a matter of balance, scrupulously very simple shapes tinged by a mix of suggestions: from Francis I to the Twenties to my passion for the East.”



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