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A very famous brand in the Eighties with a minimalist style. Very much focused on jersey and cashmere, characterized by the extreme quality of made in Italy and its unconventional approach. At a certain point, the brand was discontinued and the name forgotten. Four years ago Alessandra Bellelli, from Carpi, with great enthusiasm, tried to revive Phisique du Role. “I took up this brand because I identify with it a lot. It is minimalist bat not banal: I have kept the main concept, an androgynous product for a woman that doesn't want to be too flashy, but is very keen on originality. Originality is in the DNA of Carpi.”

What identity does your  PDR Phisique du Role have?

“It's a small collection. I say small because, with a limited dimension, one can have a specific identity and consistency in the language. I don't want it to be a huge collection where there is everything: I want smart basic pieces made in Italy with  beautiful Italian fabrics, and with a responsible attitude, where the highlight is knitwear. Obviously it couldn't be different: I am from Carpi and I was raised in this environment. Historically speaking, Carpi is rich in know how and it is  fair to acknowledge it. I couldn't have replicated anything like this in 3 or 4 years without being in Carpi. Here everything is at a stone's throw.

 Where are the materials from?

“The raw materials are Italian besides some summer basics such a cotton muslin, crepe marroquin and crisp cotton, which are all imported but dyed in Carpi in certified companies. As for the  knitwear we buy cotton and wool from certified companies and we write their names on the labels.”

Therefore you are betting on traceability

“Absolutely, the product is knitted, dyed and made in Carpi, but I like to remark that the yarn comes from Tollegno or that alpaca is from Filitaly. If we buy a certified fabric from Bonotto they give us the tag and the label and we attach it to our items in order for the customer to know that the viscose is made from the pulp of cull trees or that  the polyester comes bottles recycled in Italy. I wouldn't say that I am an environmentalist, it's not true.  But I'm keen on working with companies that respect environmental protocols.”

 What are you showcasing at  WHITE? Are there any pieces you are particularly fond of?

“With Covid we have conceived our  FW21 collection mathematically and – allow me to say it – the result is amazing. Lots of colours, with jacquard knitwear where faux imperfections become a touch of personal style. In fact, what makes our knitwear really special is the unexpected. I made the mood-board for the next summer, and in the range of colours, I'm already thinking of what I will muddle up so as to make everything more original. The pieces I am particularly fond of are the male Schiapparelli-pink corduroy suit and the sea dog peacoat .”

Any particular projects?

“An exclusive capsule for our website for kids from 4 to 10 years realized with fabrics we recovered from our remainders. An efficient and respectful idea that doesn't  compete with our sales network but makes us even more special.”



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