MAGAZINE February 26th, 2021

OOF WEAR Interview


OOF WEAR collections are constantly developed starting from two main concepts:  “volume" and "color”. In each outerwear, the shapes and volumes play in synergy with different tones, creating a unique style with a modern and refined taste but at the same time fun. Looking for new languages to interpret the geometry of spaces and convey new volumes in the garments sought, and innovative, OFF applies the same approach with the colors, which are explored, studied, and mixed to create different nuances.

Where do you produce, and with what materials?

"Our collections are made in Asia, and the materials we use most are nylon with very high definition textures and 100% animal-friendly eco-furs. For the padding of our outerwear, we use REPREVE® wadding, which is eco-sustainable and recycled from plastic bottles. Since two seasons, we have introduced in our collections 100% recycled fabrics, and our future goal is to use more and more responsible materials, demonstrating how style can and must pass through a conscious and environmentally friendly attitude".

Has the pandemic changed your approach to design?

"A year ago, during the first lockdown, we decided to take some time to reflect on the relationship between man and the planet. We experience the consequences of climate change firsthand every day and believe we have to reconsider our position. The fashion industry can no longer take a passive approach to the issue. For this reason, we have decided to offer our consumers not only an increasingly fashionable product but also an increasingly sustainable one. Besides, following a reflection on how our way of life has changed, we have intercepted the need to create a capsule within the collection, suitable for everyday life: must-have outerwear, principal and essential with the iconic models of the brand.

What does it mean that your garments have an "eco" soul?

"For our brand, respect for the environment is an important topic and, precisely for this reason, we started the ECOOF project, with which we committed to using in our collections more and more eco-sustainable materials totally and partially recycled and 100% Animal Friendly".

What are you presenting at White?

"The new Fall/Winter 21 collection is inspired by Wes Anderson's iconic film Grand Budapest Hotel. The sweatshirt "OOF TO GO" makes us particularly proud because it combines the ironic spirit of the brand with a mix and match of contrasting materials that make the garment unique but at the same time practical and versatile, perfect for metropolitan travelers always on the move. It is also padded with REPREVE® wadding, 100% recycled and Animal Friendly, which guarantees excellent performance even in the most difficult climatic conditions".

Future projects?


"One of our future goals is to develop the Asian and American markets, also through the creation of pop-up stores and co-branding. We have decided to put the OOF WEAR Men's collection on standby to focus on the women's collection, but we don't want to abandon men's completely. We want to consolidate the women's collection to reintroduce men's later on."


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