MAGAZINE February 22nd, 2021



Which are the representative garments of OF Handmade?

"Iconic hand-made, colored and embroidered maxi pullovers, partly made with the usage of  machines in order to deliver lighter weights and increase commercial appeal. Usually I am recognized for the usage of colors, even fluorescent. But this year I decided to stay on pale tones ".  

People say that during uncertain times like these, knitwear is always a best seller. Would you confirm it?

«I do not have the direct feedback from customers because I still work with non-direct distribution but I can say that, in fact, despite Covid I have managed to keep all my customers; not only that: I even got some reorders. Summer, however, was harder but for my kind product it is a trend that we have seen in the past. In any case, if knitwear is a requested product at the moment, it is also true that the people want to touch it ».  

Where do the yarns come from and where do you produce?

«I use Italian yarns, crafted by women here in Lombardy and in the south of Italy. On a manufacturing level I try to keep the supply chain as short as possible, I collaborate with a company of Brescia ». 

Nowadays, is it easy to find women with the right skills in working yarns to certain standards?  

"I must say that I have never done anything abroad but I am worried, if the demand grows I will have to consider Peru because there are not enough women carrying this tradition on. Before the pandemic started, I started a project involving prisoners and people under house arrest but then it did not last. There are working groups and sometimes I have tried with them, but it is risky. Opening boxes and finding 50 wrong sweaters is not sustainable ».   

What are you proud of? 

«I resist and it is already something to be proud of, and I am pleased because I have finally reached a certain level of recognition. And this year, I created the first poncho-down jacket: we needed an oversized pad that could fit perfectly on sweaters ".


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