MAGAZINE February 22nd, 2021

NI-DO Interview


Born in 2018 from the creative union of Nicola and Domiziana, partners in life and at work, NI-DO is the Made in Italy brand that offers designer bags crafted in small artisan workshops. On an aesthetic level, the products feature clean, sophisticated and essential lines. The leathers are of a high standard, recovered from the surplus of the luxury industry, in neutral or vibrant colours, always different according to the materials used, which are never replicable. Production is handmade, limited to a few pieces, with extreme attention to detail. The iconic bag, the Bolla, is a shopping bag with resin ring handles. Domiziana and Nicola met at high school and immediately developed an emotional and artistic affinity. She graduated in fashion design at the IED in Milan, while he specialised in product design at the Politecnico. Years go by as they remain in love and faithful to their dream. After various experiences, they founded Ni-Do, their brand of accessories handmade in Italy. "Our nest lies in the meeting place of our identities: the male and female identities merge until they complete each other", explains Domiziana. 

Where does this name come from?

"We wanted it to be an Italian word: ‘nido’ (‘nest’) is the safe, private place where you keep your things.  Our nest is that intimate place where we create our bags, which then in turn become a nest for the people who carry them. Coincidentally, Ni-Do is also the union of the first syllable of our names. It was my father who pointed it out to us, at that point we had no doubts: that was the name for our project". 

Where do you produce and which materials do you use?

"Everything is craft in a small workshop in Bologna, using recycled leather. We found a Tuscan company that collects surplus leather from luxury companies. Although the colours are partly continuous, for example black and camel, we always specify that the shades may change a little from batch to batch, and that's the beauty of it because each product is unique. As for the vibrant shades we fall in love with, we use what we have and then change it”. 

What are you goint to show at White?

"We are presenting both the Bolla and the Cuore (our first two bag models, the ones we have focused on so far) in new colours and with a mother-of-pearl handle variant. And then there's Pupilla, a model making its debut". 

Do you have an e-commerce?

"Yes, we sell through our own channel, which has allowed us to have a direct exchange with our customers right from the start, but we would also like to build up distribution in selected multi-brand shops”. 

A childhood dream?

"We'd like to do some collaborations, but not necessarily with fashion brands, rather, we'd like to range out and be contaminated by the world of art or design, for example by donating discarded materials to an artist, or creating a bag-furnishing object with an interior designer. Of course, there is also the desire to expand the range of products, but for now and especially at the very beginning, we decided to concentrate on a few ideas". 






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