MAGAZINE February 22nd, 2021

NANNI Interview


Despite its 45 years of history Nanni is a company that has remained faithful to the aesthetic and the guidelines of the beginning: to always look ahead. Famous for metal processing, the brand boasts a handmade production whose flagship is the welding sector. We have remained faithful to our tradition but always keeping an eye to the future. Specifically, metal processing has been transformed with plates being designed with CAD technology, which is why the shapes are unusual and the engraved studs completely customized as we design them. Today, like in the eighties, the philosophy is always to look a little further, introducing materials that as at the time of the subway beltare not immediately recognized as belonging to the fashion world but that with time, they obtain the right space and the right location».

Where do the materials come from?

We work in Italy with 100% Italian leather, brass plates, buckles and studs.

One of your strong points is craftsmanship

«Yes, every single step is done internally which has allowed our  staff to become highly specialized».

Today, what’s the biggest challenge?

I would make a distinction from our regular customer who buys our products without seeing it first but just based on the new stylistic proposals. Those who know us know exactly what to expect. The real challenge today is to try to expand your audience through the means of the moment, presenting a luxury accessory, perceived in this historic moment as non-essential goods, and instead recognizing its true product essence».   

Tell us about the collection you are presenting at White

«In the FW21 belt collection we have as always four lines. The first is characterized by brass links, which are worked with more or less elaborate leather grafts, pony fur, rhinestones and studs all materials that Nanni normally uses. Then there is the ethnic-chic part, leather with silkscreened brass inserts and the line in laser-worked leather with geometric patterns. The fourth genre is the most feminine and plays with monochrome patchwork skins playing with the effects of light and depth».

Do you have any new projects on the horizon?

«Definitely a brand extension. We already make summer shoes and we always offer our customers very soft unlined bags made of leather that match the belt. The idea is to definitely make a complete collection of bags».


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