MAGAZINE September 28th, 2021

Milano Loves Italy

Milano Loves Italy has just ran its third edition (after September 2020 and June 2021) and it has organized a schedule of activities and events around Milan within the Fashion Week. The calendar was even fuller of open events where different kind of brands have been the protagonists, from established brands, through niche ones and designers looking at sustainability.  

From September 23rd to 26th, just during the same week of Milano Moda Donna, more than 30 events took place and involved the most important shops and concept stores, and fashion operators had the chance to enjoy special presentations around Milanese showrooms.
Milano Loves Italy is a project carried by WHITE and CSM-Camera Showroom Milan, that sees the involvement of Camera Nazionale della Moda, CBI-Camera Buyer Italia, fino al Comune di Milano e il portale YES Milano. 
A project born in the name of inclusion that aims at increasing communication and support activities of certain initiatives.


@10CorsoComo - Sapio, Hender Scheme X Tod’s, Paolina Russo X 10 Corso Como, Sacai X 10 Corso Como,Federico Cina
@AmedeoD.Milano - WAD We Are Dreamers
@BiffiBoutiques - T_Coat
@DaadDantone - Femea e Under The Sign
@Civiconove - Closed 
@LaTenda - Gentryportofino
Carlobotta8 - Avant Toi, Henri Beguelin, 055 Milano, 1st floor-showroom, Andrea Ya'aqov, Malloni, Pil., Breramode, Holubar e Claudio Cutuli
@WaitandSee -Be Generous!
@BelBoutique - Ibrigu
@NumeroTrenta - Room, brand brasiliano presente al WHITE show
@Tenoha - And Wander e Beams+
Mari - Walter Voulaz
@View - De Siena Shoes
@LadiosaAtelier - Salce 197 
@MerryGoRound - Silvian Heach
@TheMerchantofVenice - Roberto di Stefano 
@MagnaPars - Exclusive Olfactive Journey 


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