MAGAZINE May 24th, 2021

MARSĒM, the sartorial brand with a rock soul

by Valeria Oppenheimer


It's written MARSĒM but pronounced rock'n'roll. The brand of Antonio Semeraro and Mario Monaco, respectively creative director and C.E.O. of MARSĒM, initially turned to the contemporary gentleman, but today it boasts a line for women, too. The collections, out of the classic sartorial schemes, revolutionize the wardrobe, making it fluid thanks to soft lines and a refined but relaxed style. A mix that has conquered everyone who considers fashion and freedom synonyms. 

How did you meet? When was MARSĒM born?

ANTONIO SEMERARIO - Marco and I met around 15 years ago by chance, during a party. We hit it off immediately. There was understanding and chemistry. Within few years, we became real friends, almost like brothers. MARSĒM was born in 2017 from a personal need. After years of style consultancy to other brands, I wanted to create something mine and I desired to share that project with Mario. 

Which is the brand's DNA? Why this name?

ANTONIO SEMRARIO - MARSĒM is the acronym of his name and my surname because when you join in such an ambitious project, you become a single person. Soul and body merge to achieve a common goal.  MARSĒM is pure elegance together with rock'n'roll. And it is exactly our DNA that today is giving us recognition and approval. 

Your product is Made in Italy. Where is it produced?

MARIO MONACO - The collections are entirely produced in our beloved homeland, Puglia. This land is booming with incredible sartorial excellence, that’s why ours is a real Made in Italy. 

Born for men, MARSĒM's wardrobe recently started turning to women, too. Which are the traits in common and the differences in approach between the two lines? 

ANTONIO SEMERARO - Even though MARSĒM was born for men, it has always embraced ideas from the female world that make it fluid and elegant. At the same time, the woman collection is influenced by the one for men. Lines have similar cuts and a common approach. Both turn to a charismatic and aware public. 

Fashion has been through a difficult time because of the pandemic. What is your hope for the future? Which projects do you have?


MARIO MONACO - I believe the fashion system has suffered a catastrophic historical moment that has affected it. But I also believe that all of this was a great opportunity for those who could realize it. MARSĒM resisted, we acquired more awareness. Now we aim to keep growing, to conquer new markets, to fascinate our public more and more, and to try to leave a mark in the story of this wonderful world.



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