MAGAZINE February 19th, 2021

MAJO Interview


Bending, shaping, forging materials and ideas is the incessant activity that has always been carried out in the laboratory of Majo. As mentioned by Carla Coppari in the following interview.

What is fashion for you? 

Fashion is the home for ideas. The place where creators transform ideas into suggestions and trends.  

When and why did you start your brand? 

Majo was born in 1999 naturally closing a period of studies and experiences.   

Where do you get inspiration from when creating? 

Our artistic heritage and the nature surrounding us in our territories, are the inexhaustible sources of continuous inspiration.  

How would you describe the collection presenting at White Show Milano? 

A collection full of proposals and positive energy made with materials with low foot print, endowed with unquestionable charm.  

Future projects? 

Transmitting our vision, the sense of beauty, the value we give to quality and the know-how we own, in full harmony with the environment. This is the path we have taken, this is what we want to keep doing.



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