MAGAZINE February 22nd, 2021

MAIORANO Interview


The son of artists, Matteo Maiorano took his first steps in this sector working as a footwear designer for a historic brand in his home city of Rome. What he did not imagine was the incredibly authentic and overwhelming passion that would develop from there.Rationalizing my emotions, I can say that the world of footwear has formed a connection with my artistic and creative philosophy in a theoretically perfect way, and on many levels. I am increasingly convinced that footwear reflects the ideal "conduit" to express a synthesis between fashion and art, which is the core of my stylistic conception».

What are the values behind Maiorano?

“The delicate balance between art and fashion is really just the wrapping of the project. Instead, the heart of the brand is focused on the values of uniqueness and exclusivity. These are inserted in a succession of production processes which I overlook personally. I call it a "3-phase process", which begins with aesthetic research and design, followed by Italian craftsmanship, and closes with my intervention on every single piece produced. In this last phase, thanks to the help of artistic techniques that I have long held dear, I leave an indelible and irreproducible mark on every shoe, thus realizing that uniqueness and exclusivity previously mentioned».

Where do you produce and what materials do you use?

«The artisan production phase takes place in the Marche, the Italian footwear centre par excellence. The selected materials are mainly hides of various kinds and of the highest quality all coming from local companies».

What are you presenting at White? Which models are you most proud of?

«My new FW21 collection is a natural continuation of the concept and style introduced with the previous SS21. The collection covers 4 different structures, in different heights, from flat to 90 mm, plus a male slipper, a variant already produced last season. The brilliance of the patent leather is always the main feature of the various models and the aesthetics are even more directed towards a timeless, minimal and versatile style, with sculptural references and abstraction adorning the overall vision. If I were to choose one model from the collection, I might risk detracting from the value of the others, but I am particularly excited by the balance I find in the 30 mm court shoe. I think it is one of the best examples of my vision and the kitten heel also makes it particularly functional and versatile».

What does innovation mean to you?

It is essential. My vision of innovation focuses on style. As I said, the basis of my research, its heart, is represented by the search for uniqueness.Uniqueness can be synonymous with innovation. In this sense, my primary purpose is to propose a new choice, quite distinct from what the market offers. I firmly believe that the creative act needs to create and not reproduce.  When I talk about the absence of a future without the past I mean, apart from the linearity of the process, the impossibility of the process itself, in that the basis of development depends on the broadest possible knowledge of the past. Knowledge and inclusion. Innovation is also the result of relationships between different worlds. That is why constant research and study are an integral part of my work.

Has the pandemic changed your approach to design?


«Radically, in a surprising and sometimes ironic way. The lockdown of the early pandemic months gave me the opportunity to focus my attention on study and design. Radically because, although in line with previous seasons, the collection created during those months took a clear and decisive turn. Surprising because I would not have imagined I would achieve a result that I feel so fully reflects my character and my conception. Finally ironic, because this particular concept of style was actually part of a study developed during my academic years. Those days of total close down perhaps silenced and clarified the minds of many of us. They certainly made me understand with renewed conviction what I want to do for myself and others, eliminating the superfluous». 


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