MAGAZINE May 21st, 2021

La magia di Poupine

di Valeria Oppenheimer


A special encounter between two women with the same name, a friendship marked by destiny: Francesca Romana Paciaroni and Francesca Petaccia became inseparable and decided to give life to a joyful and colorful brand for an all-female community. 

How did you become friends? When was Poupine born? 

F.P. - We met in 2015 when Francesca Romana was fighting her battle against leukemia and she needed blood. From mutual friends, I came to know her story and I volunteered as a donator, but since I had just come back from a trip to the USA, I was not eligible to donate for safety reasons. Since then, our relationship has become stronger day by day. Initially, we sent each other emails, and then we discovered incredible coincidences, like the fact that we both had a summer house in Abruzzo and we were neighbors there. We met face-to-face right in Francavilla al Mare, a summer that we'll never forget. We found out we had a common desire to create something for us beyond our daily professional duties. Since we were both passionate about fashion, we thought it would be nice to fill our wardrobes (and all other women's) with new, light, and colorful things. What best could identify our idea of femininity and elegance was a long skirt. That garment you wear when you are a child to feel like a princess. And when you grow up, it makes you feel good. In this way, the magic of Poupine was born. 

How come did you choose this name for your brand? 

F.R.P - Poupine reminds us of our childhood and France, where this expression is used as a term of endearment for girls. We wanted our brand to have a reference to the unique style of Parisian salons. For our first skirts, we chose the tartan, perfect for a touch of lightness and bravery typical of Scottish women. Now, this fabric is a must in our collections. 

Which is the brand's DNA? 

F.R.P.- Poupine expresses a return to life. For this reason, our skirt does not follow fashion trends, but it evokes the idea of timeless beauty. Our first creations were the tartan full skirt for the winter and the colorful striped one for the summer. Our collections have gradually expanded, including other garments. We like the idea that one day a daughter will find Poupine's clothes in her mother's closet and she can identify with the fabrics and shapes. 

How and where are your garments produced?

F.P.- They are hand-made by Italian professional tailors. Each skirt or dress is a unique piece: that's why it is even more special. The cuts and styles we propose adjust perfectly to any type of body, celebrating every woman, making her feel unique. 

Do you have a specific target for your product?

F.R.P- Our woman is ageless, feminine, full of life, brave, and elegant. The chance to customize the garments adds a touch of exclusivity for those who want. Our personal story taught us to go beyond the concept of a brand for its own sake. Many women have identified with this model of solidarity, union, and rebirth, and have found the energy to make their dreams come true or restart. All of this has no price. 

What is your relationship with the web and social media?

F.P. - We have always used direct and personal communication with our customers. We like answering their questions, listening to their stories, and trying to understand how to help them valorize themselves. During the lockdown, we started focusing on the idea of community. Now, through social media, we try to engage our Poupine. For our last two collections, we came up with storytelling, giving life to #ChezPoupine and #ComeFlyWithPoupine. We have many ideas for the future, but to discover them... we are waiting for you on our Instagram profile POUPINE!



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