MAGAZINE February 22nd, 2021

LABELLE Interview


When and how was Labelle born?

After more than 13 years of collaboration with local and international private labels, in the summer of 2005, M.P.M. Srl entered the market with its brand, LaBelle. Everything was born from the need and the desire to interact with the consumers directly.

What is the DNA of your collections?

LaBelle has made craftsmanship its strong point and has moved along the timeline, celebrating its historical and territorial origins while projecting itself onto the contemporary scene with curiosity. Chic for the office but also for a run to the supermarket: this is the shoe that LaBelle.

Your shoes are 100% Made in Italy. Where, how, and by whom are they made?

The production of each pair of LaBelle shoes is carried out exclusively in our workshop by the MPM's owners and its eight operators. All the processing phases take place internally, from cutting to hemming, to assembly, to finishing. Ours is an "mt0 supply chain". For the shoe's realization, we use, depending on the product, craft methods such as assembly or manual cutting and also new generation machines.

You have always paid great attention to the use of leathers and the customization of products. What are the final effects of these quality choices?

Our strong point is the customization of the material/color combinations. We present variations in every collection, but then it's up to the buyer, in complete autonomy and flexibility, to decide the type of leather he wants to use and the color that best suits his market needs. Each order is managed in an almost sartorial way to enhance our craftsmanship.

The ultimate goal is to make each end retailer have the product that is best suited to their customer base, territory, seasonality, and availability to purchase; the goal is to transfer our flexibility to the retailer.

What are you presenting for this edition of White?

The new FW2021 LaBelle collection is conceived as the right compromise between elegance and comfort. There is no shortage of bestsellers such as <>, proposed with soft colored and python fabrics, which is coupled by the new proposal <>, a line characterized by boots and ankle boots with 7 cm wedge covered in leather. New in this collection is the Bear fabric, with ribbed cotton weave in earth tones. 
As always, LaBelle models can be customized with materials and colors to meet the needs of buyers.



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