MAGAZINE February 22nd, 2021

GLASSING Interview


As we've changed, the brand has grown accordingly. "We started in Ibiza, in the summer of 2008, in a small store at the port where with the help of vending machines that we had patented, we managed to have a brilliant distribution on the island." Glassing began as a summer adventure. In few years, it has become a hard point of reference for fans of trendy eyewear. Not only Italians, indeed. 70% of the brand's sales take place abroad.  

How does Glassing's eyewear stand out? 

"Between prescription eyewear and sunglasses, we have more than ten different collections, always on the cutting edge of modeling. Certainly, Glassing is a brand that is attentive to trends in the eyewear world, both in shapes and colors. 

This year, what are the trends?

"This year, for example, there is a return to vintage, and we are presenting fuller, more textural colors. If the trend of transparencies is over, we are instead revisiting tortoiseshell, yellow, cream, and mustard." 

Where do you produce? With what materials?

"In Veneto, both for production and finishing. As far as materials are concerned, there is a return to acetate, and we rely on Mazzucchelli, one of the world leaders in the sector."

What is your iconic model? Is there any new model you are presenting at White these days that you are incredibly proud of?

"Our iconic product is the GP1 faceplate, copied on stands all over the world. While among the novelties, the Channel 2 model from the TV collection stands out and is the ultimate expression of the new rectangular trend."

Do you have a post-pandemic project?


"To expand our network of flagships abroad, especially in Asia."



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