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The most fascinating part to her, is certainly research: being able to experiment and play with new materials, new shapes, new heels. «Footwear is truly incredible - explains Francesca Bellavita - it offers infinite ways of expression. 

Francesca, could you share with us the values ​​behind your brand?

First of all, the protection of Made in Italy and its craftsmanship. Many have decided to produce abroad to lower costs down, not me. I am totally against this policy. We must continue to bring Italian manufacturing to the world and contribute to preserve this great ability that only we Italians have, especially in the field of footwear. No less important are sustainability and brand awareness. We want to create a unique product, sexy and fun at the same time, avoiding waste as much as possible; in fact we work with disposed leathers as much as possible, while for packaging we opt for recycled boxes and bags.  

Where do you produce, with what kind of materials?

«We have two production locations: Parabiago for the most elegant and complicated footwear and the Marche, for the sporty-like products such as boots, bikers, sneakers. Bags, on the other hand, are produced in Milan. As for the materials, I love to experiment. Coming from the streetwear world where almost anything is possible, I like to express myself creatively with new leathers, prints on special fabrics and the usage of not so common materials ».      

What are the most representative models of Francesca Bellavita? 

«Definitely Marshmallow, the shoe that recalls candy and is made up of leather-covered foam rubber tubes, available in different types of footwear: the 100 (10cm/3.9 inch) heel sandal, the ballerina, the flat and the new toe mule. Another iconic one is Bunny, the sexiest and funniest sandal, with bunny ears. In addition to the version with heel 100 (10cm/3.9inch) there is also the mule version, with a more comfortable heel (5cm/1.9inch). Last but not least, Amazon: the cowboy boot with inserts in PVC, unicorn and stars ».

What are you bringing at WHITE this season? 

«The FW 21 is made up of about 70 pieces. In addition to presenting our iconic footwear in new shapes, materials and colors, we present a series of very cool square toe boots and a series of Tokyo-inspired moccasins with Swarovski. The materials used are mainly tassels, glitter and chamois. The collection is colorful and fun, as usual. In addition to footwear, we also have a new series of bags inspired by Marshmallow, for which many buyers are already in love with».    

Did your approach to design change during the pandemic? Tell us about your new projects, ideas, dreams for the post Covid season.  

«During March / April online sales increased a lot, but the type of product hasn't changed. We continued to sell both heels and flats, as we always have. From October, on the other hand, bikers and boots with medium heels became more popular, for the every day look. The approach to design has not changed in the sense that we have always offered different types of products (from bikers to pumps, from sandals to slippers). So that’s how we approached it, and we presented several dress-shoes too: hoping that we can go back to going out and live peacefully soon! ».




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