MAGAZINE February 19th, 2021



Francesca Bassi, a design company based in Como, is seeking to develop product research and packaging by means of an analysis of social media and European expansion. 

Where are the company and production based?

We are based in Como where I design and plan the collection, which is then produced in various areas of India. I have a local partner who helps me maximize each stage.

What is the company’s philosophy?

The company has two spirits; the first, begun by my parents in 1972 and continued today by my brother, is dedicated to the creation of men’s ties and scarves, the other represents me and my colorful, unconventional garments.

What kind of product portfolio do you have and what are its strengths?

Mainly a collection of embroidered skirts to which I have added a few dresses and pea coats. These are niche items for a woman with a decisive personal taste, which is why they work even in difficult times. The skirts are one size only, thus giving the retailer an excellent mark-up and the collection is small and fast which our customers appreciate.

How do you plan to invest in future growth?

Most of all I would like to invest in the product. I don’t mean extending the collection which must continue to be a capsule, but the quality of the textiles and embroidery together with research and packaging.

What future projects and initiatives will you focus on to face this particular historical moment?

I believe in product communication. Trade fairs give me the opportunity to build relationships with people so I hope they will start up again as soon as possible. I am currently investing time in our social media image with the help of a photographer. At the same time, given that 90% of my customers are Italian, I am looking for opportunities in other parts of Europe and different event formats to offer greater services to our consumers.


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