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Our story begins more than forty years ago, in a small town in the Marche hinterland, in a territory that has boasted for over two centuries the priority of being one of the principal productive poles in hat manufacturing. It all began with my great-grandfather Ferruccio, followed by my grandfather Romano and, finally, my father Ferruccio. Moving from a production-based mainly on straw hats to a broader range of products, in different materials and with equally unlike production processes, that of Ferruccio Vecchi Studio is a knowledge that has been handed down from generation to generation. Today it is in the hands of Francesca Vecchi, the fourth generation.

You have a lengthy translation. What values have remained unchanged, and how have you changed your approach?

Surely the values of tradition, craftsmanship, and the exclusivity of a product made entirely by hand in Italy have remained unchanged. Our reality is still artisanal but always projected into the future in terms of the production process and the constant search for new materials. In this regard, we have recently developed a natural dyeing process for our braids using different types of plants and roots such as hull, pomegranate, madder, and ford.

Where do you manufacture, and what materials do you use? 

We produce everything entirely in Italy. We use wool felt, lapin, velour, and various types of fabrics for the winter season and straw, raffia, vegetable fibers, Panama, textile paper, cotton, and linen for the summer season.

How do you defend a virtuous supply chain?

We need to keep intact and give great importance to interpersonal relationships with suppliers, customers, and the workers who work within the company. For us, human contact and collaboration within the entire production chain are fundamental.

What are you presenting this season at White?

"Like every year, we are showing our Ferruccio Vecchi STUDIO line, conceived and designed by me. The perfect combination of tradition and experimentation, the collection mixes the latest fashion trends with sophisticated materials.  New: the use of costume jewelry to embellish the hats; a removable seal that can also be used as a necklace or bracelet. The intent is to offer the customer the opportunity to have a versatile accessory with a double use". Tell us about a couple of pieces you are proud of. 

What manual excellence and innovations are behind your product?

The "must-have" of Ferruccio Vecchi STUDIO is undoubtedly the Bella Rancher, a two-tone straw hat with metal eyelets on the sides and an Alcantara chin strap. We repropose that model every season, revisiting it and giving it new life but maintaining the iconic character that sets it apart. Another FW21 piece we are proud of is our Tasha tie-dye: wool felt hat with a special cold dye that gives the garment a washed-out look enriched with a necklace with multicolor rhinestones."


Manual excellence is what lies behind the sewing of the hat. It is a real art that starts from a sewn braid to give the shape to the hat. It is 100% handmade..


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