MAGAZINE February 19th, 2021



Fanfulla bags, a company active in the bag sector based in Cesena, has made its heritage, based on a handmade products with an attention to recycling, its strength. 

Where are the company and production based?

Everything comes from a small laboratory in the centre of Cesena, where every step of the creation process of every single bag takes place.

What are the strengths of what your product offers? 

The strength of our work is the consistency in pursuing these ideals and this means a lot of hard work, love and dedication. 

What is your company’s philosophy and what are the foundations on which you want to invest in for future growth?

The care and attention of every single bag in its smallest details, the search for recycled materials and the production handed over to a single person. 

What projects and initiatives will you focus on in the future to face this historic moment?


We do not use external laboratories we are "homemade". And in this moment in history all of this is being rewarded.

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