MAGAZINE February 22nd, 2021



Monica Sarti has no doubts: tradition and innovation always go hand in hand. "What we are today is the result of what we were and did yesterday. Knowledge and tradition are elements that help us look inside to move forward, experimenting—never forgetting our DNA. Today what is needed is to value ourselves, not to belittle ourselves".  Valid words, inspirational food for thought for all Italian creative companies.

Monica, you produce everything in Italy, don't you?

"We are proudly Made in Italy. All our suppliers of raw materials source cashmere and wool in the countries of origin, but the traceability of products is crucial to enhance and qualify the final garment».

What value does the local supply chain have, and how does it defend itself? 

"Unfortunately, this great stalemate is killing so many small realities that they can't cope with this hefty market crisis. We are losing an important and essential heritage of our Made in Italy, which has made us unique in the world. Italy is alive and special thanks to small wonderful realities.»

How has the market changed since 2000, when you launched your brand?

"Completely, I would say, revolutionized. For better or worse, nothing is as it was anymore. Unfortunately, this pandemic has irreversibly changed many things: the world shopping scene, the way we communicate, the way we buy. Before, it was perhaps slower, but you tasted and lived the fashion and its system with more flavor, time. Now the speed of the Internet has burned the enthusiasm, and everything becomes already seen!'

What's the biggest challenge for you today?

"Winning to remain tomorrow a brand with its own identity and style, modern with a soul of its own, identifiable in an instant."

What's in White this season? Tell us so that we can understand the excellent work behind each of your products.

"An essential collection, strong of our codes and new colors alive and energetic: a collection that tries to give security in a moment of such great uncertainty. Soft, warm, enveloping, sensual as an embrace, in warm but lively colors that bring us back to nature with simple textures, of a firm reference to the past but at the same time modern woolly hearts for so much desire for love.



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