MAGAZINE February 27th, 2021

CHEVILLE Interview

Cheville between handcrafted savoir-faire and e-commerce

The shoemakers Cheville which is located in the Brenta Riviera  considers necessary today more than ever an uptodate use of all the digital instruments. They are also planning to reach out to the world of influencers for  greater visibility.

Where are your headquarters and production based?

Our HQ is in Rubano, near Padua. The production takes place entirely in the Brenta Riviera, between Padua and Venice. Here there is a actual industrial district for luxury shoes, for the art of handmade shoes, which last in time because they are made with passion and the traditional Italian know-how. The supply chain is entirely made in Italy: soles, heels, leather, buckles are all made in the area.

What is your corporate philosophy?

Cheville is the idea of two sellers with 30 year experience in the clothing industry who, inspired by the web and vintage markets, have created a women's shoes brand as a service to the independent clothing shops that want to combine a different product to their collections.

What kind of product do you offer and which are its strong points?

A specific identity, our goal is to recreate women's shoes that come from the past to be reinvented in a modern key. They are hand-made, each model follows a century old tradition of Italian craftsmanship, which has been handed down from father to son for generations. We choose the best materials in order to reach the quality that characterizes our products. From the choice of the leather, to the stitching technique, to the application of the soles.

What are the pillars you want to invest on for your growth?

The continuous search for quality. We offer a timeless style which evokes a typically Italian refined elegance. As soon as possible, we will go again to the best industry fairs in Italy and abroad. We are planning to reach out to the world of the influencers that best suit the mood of the brand, in order to have greater visibility.

Which projects and initiatives will you implement in the future in order to deal with this historical moment?

The future will be open to  e-commerce, although the relationship with shops is crucial, especially for our capability and will to meet the customers needs. A constant and uptodate use of all the new digital instruments is necessary now more than ever .





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