MAGAZINE February 19th, 2021

CATARZI 1910 Interview


Catarzi 1910, The Florentine brand of hats and bags made from straw and natural fibers aspires to increasingly transparent communication and new sustainable projects.

Where are the company and production based?

Our company is based in Signa, a small town in the province of Florence, which has made hats and bags in straw and natural fibers for more than a century. Over these 110 years, from father to son, Filippo Catarzi has developed the typical local straw product to include felt, cloth and soft wool.

What is your company’s philosophy?

It stems from the constant dialogue between past and present and research is our strong point. This continual investment leads us to the discovery and re-invention of new materials and forgotten artisan working techniques.

What is your product portfolio and what are your strong points?

Despite all the difficulties we have experienced, and continue to face, we have focused our energies on this new project: a collection that enhances weaving. The materials include masculine textiles and woolen yarns together with natural and eco- leather.  The respect for nature and natural fibers has led to the use of water dyes to create a vintage effect while the travel concept has influenced the street collection of shoppers and backpacks.

What are the foundations of your investment for growth?

Hand-made in Italy is an asset that we all have to preserve and pass on to the future.

What are your future projects to face this historical moment?

The year 2022 will be full of thoughts of change that will underline the dimensions of humanity, altruism, transparency and responsibility. It will be a year of rebirth, a new Renaissance, a new start for everyone. Credibility and storytelling are the strength of artisan companies like ours. We want to tell our story honestly and communicate our brand philosophy. We have numerous projects in the pipeline, including interesting forays into other sectors than ours through research into new products using sustainable materials.

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