MAGAZINE April 16th, 2021

BAV TAILOR Interview

Fondazione Pistoletto


How did you get the idea of a fashion brand? Why responsible? 

"Fashion can be a strong global platform to communicate a thought or a view. Working in this field for many years, I felt the necessity to give a message of respect, a word that has belonged to me since childhood. I was born in London, and I have Indian origins and a nomadic spirit. My education and travels have always led me to live on continents among all cultures and beliefs, giving me a natural sensitivity towards equality, humanity, and free spirit. I remember when I was a child and played with the butterflies among the bushes in Nigeria, where I spent my childhood, and with snakes, which slept quietly next to the outer wall of the kitchen. That happy contact with nature is still today a vivid memory. In 2015 I launched my conscious luxury brand to express my concept of respect through a business model that included it. My brand also wants to pay homage to my roots: my grandparents were great tailors."

What does sustainability mean for you? 

Sustainability is rooted in my brand's mantra: Respect your body and your sphere.  We have to honor our bodies through the food we consume and choose the clothes and materials that protect them. Everything rotates around knowledge, and for this reason, we have to acquire a deeper understanding of how the outer atmosphere can affect us and everything around us. We have to respect our body more: Which is the essence of the material we are wearing? What effects has it on our skin? Where does it come from? How was it produced? Did it harm someone during its production? For me, sustainability goes through the introduction of conscious alternatives to those who choose to live and consume more responsibly. 

Was it challenging to build a brand like yours? Are you proud of something?

Bav Tailor was launched when "sustainability" was not a keyword like today, and I'd rather say it was taboo. When the demand for sustainable products was low and suppliers were ill-prepared or afraid of answering whether their materials were sustainable, it was challenging and expensive to procure responsibly. It was also hard to present to retailers a next-generation project that would go against the current trend. Today I feel proud of having resisted and having acquired my precious suppliers and manufacturers who keep supporting me. The goal now is to educate and inspire the customer towards responsible life and consumption".

What is your aesthetics? 

"Every BAV TAiLOR creation is a fusion of ageless silhouettes, tailored cuts, and geometric volumes, enriched with draperies inspired by the design, architecture, and oriental philosophy. It is always created with natural or certified recycled materials. Less-is-more is the initial idea: by removing the surplus, it is possible to create peace in mind, leaving space for the thoughts to be harbored. Every design results from the profitable union between functionality and feeling rather than the expression of a mindset oriented to superficiality. " 

What do you present to White?

"SATTVA AW21/22 is a collection that reveals the balance and the integrity of my inner essence with a new vision. With the fusion of the key pieces presented in the Kushmanda SS21 collection, my project evolves into a new balance where the two annual collections intertwine in the narration, allowing each creation to breathe and be respected within a balanced system." 

Do you have a dream for the near future?

My new website, which just launched, shows the entire holistic sphere of BAV TAiLOR and includes a more integrated e-commerce platform to provide conscious intuitions of the narrations of every creation. Our collection is produced ethically by lightworkers with the mark of authenticity 100% made in Italy, like the collaborations Arisanal Lab and self-development techniques".


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