MAGAZINE February 19th, 2021

BARBIERI Interview


Barbieri invests in innovation.

The transition to digital printing machines, the technological enhancement of the knitwear department and the focus on sustainability are just some steps in the constantly growing innovation path of the label Larioseta and its brand Barbieri. 

Where are company and production based? 

Larioseta has been a protagonist in the world of accessories since 1945 in Como and a key player in Made in Italy excellence, in terms of printing, weaving and packaging of finished products; it also has its own printing house, Ellebi. The latter, is a production unit that has kept evolving for more than 30 years, specializing in the finishing of a wide range of fabrics and qualified production of accessories, clothing, bathroom and furniture sectors. 

What is your business philosophy? 

“Choose the job you love and you won't work not even one day in your whole life” (Confucius). 
This is the message that Larioseta transmits to its team, putting the customer first, planning together the design , uniqueness and high level of customization. Creating a sophisticated, yet trendy product is essential. Inspiration comes from background, knowledge together with a depth study on details and the search for unique prints with a strong personality. 

What kind of product range do you have and what are its strengths? 

Research, study, experiment through new production techniques and printing processes. Larioseta keeps all the samples in its archive, including monographs, catalogs, fashion books, textures, sources of inspiration for collections. Our products are characterized by graphic designs that play with patchwork, deconstructed geometries, patterns and volumes, reinvented on noble textures such as linen, silk, cashmere and wool.

On which pillars are you planning on investing for future growth?

In the past few years we moved from traditional printing machines, to digital ones. This allows us to be more flexible in production and to reduce the environmental impact, followed by various certifications, such as, Gots and Fsc. We are also investing in the knitwear department, strengthening our production system.

Which projects and initiatives will be your focus to face this historic moment?

We found in this difficult moments a further push to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable economy and the digitization of most of the business processes connected to marketing and sales. All this without losing sight on flexibility, quality and creativity, the real pillars on which our entire organization is based.


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