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Barbara Alan, a clothing brand for men and women, has internalizes production to reduce its environmental impact, focusing on the garments durability and the removal of the unnecessary. 

Where is the company and production based? 

The brands headquarters and production are based in London. 

What is your business philosophy?  

To try to live consciously with less that’s why the brand offers artisanal garments. The concepts of responsibility and durability of clothing are our main source of inspiration behind the collections in order to consume fashion responsibly. 

What kind of product do you offer and what are its strengths?

We make handmade luxury clothing for men and women. They are sculptural, unfixed, timeless pieces. We use seam-sealing techniques to give a unique and unconventional finish to all our garments. 

What are the foundations on which you want to invest in to grow?

The strong need to live with fewer things that count, with a focus on deconstruction and removal of unnecessary opulence and excessive designs. 

What projects and initiatives will you focus on in the future to face this historic moment?

Since 2019, the production has been carried out internally to further reduce environmental impact, as well as ensuring consistency in quality and our commitment to a transparent supply chain. (reserved reproduction)

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