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Antik Batik is investing in image and social media. Among the areas for future investment of Antik Batik, a company based in Paris, there is image, social media and the web.

What is your company’s philosophy?

Our company’s philosophy is based on ethics we have been working with the same artisans for more than 20 years. 

Where are the company and the production based?

The company is based in Paris, where we produce models, prototypes and paper models. Most of our production is handmade in India.

What kind of product do you offer and what are its strengths?

We have a mostly handmade product, embroidered and printed by hand according to ancient techniques. We are the first sustainable hippy chic brand since 1992.

What are the pillars on which you want to invest for growth?

We invest in image, product quality and mainly on social media and the web. 

What projects and initiatives will you focus on in the future to face this historic moment? 

We have many projects and we strongly believe in creativity is the engine of everything. In such particular times, like the ones we are going through, creativity must be at the forefront so that we can stand firm in our beliefs.  

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