MAGAZINE March 1st, 2021



Aldo Castagna, a company from Campania specialized in shoes, will make more “everyday” models respecting the criteria  of eco-sustainability in materials.

Where is your company and production based?

Production, our highlight, is based in Campania, in Naples. In the making of an Aldo Castagna product quality check is the most important step and the meticulousness of our personnel makes the purchase of a pair of shows also an experience and not only a need.

 What is your corporate philosophy?

Our brand has been in constant change for about a decade. Each year we try to increase the perception of our products for retail consumers, by working both on our image and the quality. Our mission is to make our collections more suitable for a public that wants to stand out.

What kind of product do you offer and what are your strong points?

 Although our positioning is in an intermediate range, our strong points are the quality and elegance of the products. Aldo Castagna is a brand appreciated for the elegant lines and the feminine shapes, but in the last two seasons we are working at a project which is in progress and will allow us to make model that can be worn “everyday”.

On what pillars are you investing for your growth?

Our best investment is the design in our products. Our pumps, sandals , boots are evergreen pieces in our industry and it is this direction we want to follow, creating a balanced combination of tradition and innovation.

On what projects and initiatives will you bet to deal with this historical moment?

For the future, but already in the present Aldo Castagna is committed to respect more and more the environment with eco-sustainable materials, which retain the perception of luxury one gets by touching our products.




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