MAGAZINE February 26th, 2021



Today it is worthwhile telling and safeguarding our heritage, but we are living in a moment which needs a reflection on contemporaneity. Alberto Fasciani is convinced about it, this is why, by sensing the market, he has chosen to modify his proposal under the sign of innovation. Through new technique he has, in fact, reached in his shoes, even in the most structured models, maximum softness.

Is Alberto Fasciani traditional or innovative?

My company has  a great tradition in the production and treatment of leather, we have iconic products and longtime customers. But if tradition is experience from which one must depart, the objective is to create innovation, both in the models and in the materials, without losing sight of the consistency and strong points of our history. We have dozens of models that, after 20 years, are still up-to-date. This happens because we move with the times updating leather, colours and, obviously, techniques. Today the two issues which are most relevant to us are softness and flexibility. In this sense, research is fundamental, for instance, we have introduced super abrasion resistant and anti-slip rubber, which at the same time is extremely flexible.

Does Innovation rhyme with sustainable?

“I have always asked myself this question, but I must say that I never found easy answers. We have always paid attention to this issue and I have been monitoring it constantly, but I don't want to misuse this word. I have always wanted to know where the materials come from, who does the tanning and first and foremost, until I have been able, I have used only leather from  Marche and Emilia Romagna.  I must say that through time I have built a solid relationship with the producers and I have established trust on the origin of the materials and how they are treated, there traceability is a fundamental issue.”

How must the local supply chain be protected?

“Good question: the Italian supply chain is characterized by the originality and savoir faire that the whole world envies us. Unfortunately the supply chain can exist only if there are allied companies allowing everyone to survive. In this moment with the bankruptcies we are experiencing and the decline in turnover, the system is very much at risk.”

Could there be a boom after this crisis?

“Some things will change in an irreversible  manner. This situation has taught us that too fast production rhythms and too high volumes don't have a future. Let's rethink our companies and the times offering goods that are timeless. We must understand the needs of buyers and shops, which unfortunately in the last year have sold almost nothing.”

Therefore at White you are showcasing a timeless collection.

“We have improved our all-time classics by updating them. In order not to erase an entire year of life and production,  we are giving new life to our current products by refreshing them. The beauty of my job is changing look to product ten times and making it remain iconic with the same appeal.”

Are there any musts?

“Currently I like very much our ankle boots in flesh split leather, in the various nuances of brown. We have worked hard in order to obtain maximum softness. Today even the most resistant boots  are destructured and easier. In a moment when there aren't any certainties, we need to make things as simple as possible and give a message of confidence and continuity to our customers, trying to meet the needs of the market.”


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