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 Mario Innocente has always had a passion for design and objects. So, after a life in marketing and advertising, he founded in 2017 aaa/Unbranded, with the mission of making unconventional products. Not importable things but particular objects that as a starting point can always express a concept. Behind each product wants to be a reasoning, aesthetic, functional, and intrinsic quality not flaunted. Today Mario and his team work to make aaa/Unbranded become a lifestyle brand.

The manifesto tells the project well. Can you explain?

"Assembled around aesthetics implies assembling concepts from different worlds around aesthetics. Fashion or not fashion, design or not design, it's the aesthetics that counts. Aesthetics has to do more than with image, with the senses. We try to create a few objects that can bring sensations. A world of sensations: from clothing to perfumes to stationery. Let's say we are a brand devoted to a measured lifestyle, which brings together different categories of products by collaborating with companies that specialize in that field." 

How do you approach the topic of sustainability?

"We try to be in balance with nature, without extremism. Cowhide is less impactful than plastic material, being a by-product of the food industry. Plus, today, unlike many years ago, it is water-tanned without chemicals. Our hides come from Montebello (RI), others from Tuscany. We never have leathers made to our design because they require minimal production, so you risk stocking up and producing garbage. We prefer instead to use what has already been produced. We have a preference for black and dusty colors. They are inspired by the world of home design, especially the vases by Paola Paronetto. We're in contact with them because we'd also like to make bathroom accessories, particularly soap dishes for solid shampoo." 

Are your products always an expression of Made in Italy?

"Almost always. We have a couple of Budapest leather goods because the designer comes from there, and I'm happy with the companies we found. They do quality work."

 What are you presenting at White? What are the pieces through which you plan to become recognizable?

"I present footwear, leather goods, and cosmetics. The structure of all the products remains in the catalog. Every year we make 2/3 models to season. Now, the model that people like the most is the derby with a round toe and squared sole." 

If you had to think big?

"I would like to create the European Muji, on 7 March we will come out with watches, then with a perfume made in Grasse because for 400 years it has been the iconic place for this type of product. We like to research companies that specialize in the excellent production of an item and start collaborations. I want to reconfirm that behind every object as in design, there is a reasoning that needs time to mature when it is ready, we launch it, and no matter what time of year."









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