MAGAZINE February 25th, 2021

UNUSUAL90-76 Interview


The values behind your brand?

"Territoriality, inclusivity, sustainability."

You've started on a path of sustainability: tell me how and why you selected biodegradable technical material for your swimwear line? 

"In our initial brainstorms, we were thinking of making a product that would protect the skin, that would somehow be "good" for people, then we stumbled across this fabric that we loved by hand, and it was also was a great match for us. Fulgar's Amni Soul Eco technology allows the products to decompose in a short amount of time when discarded and placed in a landfill."

Is only the costume line sustainable, or do you have plans to incorporate other materials, processes?

"For now, only the black and white costume line. As soon as this "bad period" is over, we would like to be able to research but especially "touch" other types of sustainable materials."


Where do you produce? What value does the supply chain have in your philosophy?

"We produce in Italy, by choice from the beginning it has been one of our staples, Made in Italy or nothing. We are proud of our origins, and it is fundamental for us to support our businesses and our economy. We need to be close to our suppliers. A solid and transparent relationship is the basis for quality products."


Positive plans for the future.

More and more sustainable products. Through our capsule collections, we would like to spread more awareness in the modest universe. Now, we focus on swimwear, a bit street but also elegant".


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