Responsible Innovation April 16th, 2021


Fondazione Pistoletto


In 2017 Roberto di Stefano was known for his minimal, daily, and functional design. Today his signature style is the same but with a difference. The material used for his bags is not leather but a product obtained from the processing of cactus leaves. It is a vegan plant-based material that di Stefano was the first to have adopted in Italy (and in a high segment of contemporary bags). In contrast to the austerity of the lines, the rope handle recalls the contact with nature and is integrated with maxi shoulder straps. The collection plays on primary hues such as black, white, and sand, which reflect the sober brand identity. A distinct element is the mirrored logo that adds a touch of prestige. 

When and why did you feel the need to get close to sustainability?

"It has been a natural process, yet I completely changed my approach a year ago. Today my line is 100% vegan, plant-based and cruelty-free. For me, the change has been necessary and essential. This is just the first step. My work is constantly evolving, and it goes hand-in-hand with the research of new materials and more ethical way to produce and communicate".

What does sustainability mean for you?

"The word "sustainability" is overused. To me, it means constantly working on how to be more honest, transparent, and authentic in the production chain, careful about people, animals, and our planet".

How did you choose Desserto's material?

"I chose it last year talking to different trusted suppliers, sensitive to the topic. It is new and was approved by Peta a few months ago. Last year I tested many vegan materials that were already on the market, but this was the one that convinced me more, and I bet on it first in Italy. It is plant-based and sustainable, but also versatile on a technical level".

Define your taste

"My aesthetics rotates around a clean and essential design but full of oxymorons. As well as doing a work of style, I try to do mental work. In my first new collection, the rope, a natural element, contrasts with the harsh lines. The maxi mirrored logo on the micro bags unconsciously attracts the viewer's eye. I am interested in matching diverse materials, studying the volumes and the elements to create a different and personal aesthetics".

Future projects?

"My project is to keep doing what I believe in, getting 360-degree closer to the concept of sustainability. I will do research continuously so that my collection will constantly evolve".







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